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May 22, 2010

Luke Donald


Q. How do you feel going into the final round after today's round over the West Course?
LUKE DONALD: Well, it was a little bit of a struggle, but to come out and to grind out and still be in a good position for tomorrow, I have to take the positives out of that. I drove it really well today but my irons were a little bit off today. Just maybe a little bit too aggressive to some of those tucked pins.
I did a lot of good things today, and I'll take that with me for tomorrow.

Q. Obviously you're carrying some good form, so there's a lot of positives going into this final round, and you know that you're only three shots back?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, and it's obviously playing tough. The scores aren't great. I enjoy that challenge of when the course plays tough, you really have to putt your head down and grind it out and hopefully I can hit my irons just a little bit better tomorrow.

Q. How did you get yourself motivated after that shaky enough start?
LUKE DONALD: Well, again, I knew the finish was going to be tough. It's hard for players to make a bunch of birdies in a row. I just wanted to keep my head down and if I shoot anything under par on the back nine, then I was going to be in a good position.

Q. What's the verdict?
LUKE DONALD: Well, it was a tough day. You know, I didn't hit enough greens out there. If I had hit a few more greens -- and to shoot 72 doing that wane too bad. I played a little bit aggressive into some of those tucked pins and just kept missing to the wrong side. But there was a lot of positives, I drove it really well and scrambled well when I needed to and to shoot under par on the back nine, I'm still right there.

Q. Three behind Chris Wood, how will you approach the final round?
LUKE DONALD: Tomorrow is going to be tough. I think the course isn't getting any easier. It's firmer and faster and that always makes it tough. I like it when you kind of have to grind out a good round. You know, anything in the 60s tomorrow might have a chance.

Q. Is it all about winning for you tomorrow, World Ranking points, Ryder Cup points?
LUKE DONALD: Yeah, all about winning.

Q. Some key saves coming in, how do you assess your round today?
LUKE DONALD: It was definitely a struggle. I struggled with my iron play. I really didn't hit enough greens out there, and you know, both my birdies were a 40-footer off the fringe and a chip-in. Still, I grinded it out and I think, you know, you always have that kind of one stretch where you struggle, and I was just trying to keep my head down and shoot under par on the back nine and I'm still right there.

Q. You're just three back right now, how positively do you look at today and look forward to that final round and the position you see yourself in?
LUKE DONALD: It was, to hit six greens in regulation today and shoot 1-over, there are negatives in that but there are a lot of positives, too.
You know, I have to sharpen up my iron play a little bit for tomorrow and hopefully I can make some birdies.

Q. You've obviously played in Ryder Cup and played on the European and U.S. Tours, do you think your experience will help?
LUKE DONALD: Experience always helps, being in that position before, I know what the pressure feels like, and I think tomorrow is going to play tough. I like when it plays tough. You have to really keep your head down and grind out a good score, and just be very patient.
I've done that well this year, so we'll see. Chris is obviously three shots ahead, and so he's playing nicely, but I'll try and chase him down.

Q. Being three back and knowing how tough the course is playing, do you think it will change much or will it be pretty much the same as it's been?
LUKE DONALD: I don't think so. The approach is to try and avoid these bunkers, especially off the tee and I've done that pretty well. I've only been in a couple all week. I just need to sharpen up my iron play, as I said. I didn't hit enough greens and give myself enough chances.

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