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May 22, 2010

Amar'e Stoudemire


Q. Does that make your situation different now that you guys aren't going on the road?
AMARE STOUDEMIRE: I think it's a little bit better than the on-the-road situation, because you're playing at home. Make sure you take care of home court. So hopefully we can do that. It will put us in a better position.

Q. You are getting criticism external, the rebounding defensively, what do you put on yourself, or do you have an internal --
AMARE STOUDEMIRE: No, it's okay. Much is here, much is expected. It's never easy rebounding against these guys.
You've got pretty much two seven-footers. Myself playing center with a 6'8" guy playing a Power 4. It's never easy. Gotta make adjustments. Gotta do a better job on the boards defensively. We'll figure it out.

Q. Change your name on the roster?
AMARE STOUDEMIRE: Yeah, if I can grow a couple of inches between now and tomorrow that may help. (Laughter)

Q. This has been a really close and tight team throughout the season how about. Going into Game 3 has that changed at all in the last few days?
AMARE STOUDEMIRE: No, we're still together. We still try to figure out as a unit, still work together trying to make the right decisions. So we're always together, a tight group. We win together; we lose together.

Q. Have these two games done anything to the team's confidence, anything you question?
AMARE STOUDEMIRE: I don't think so. I don't think so. No, we know how good we are. We know how well we played this season so far. So we have to make sure we figure out how to beat these guys. So we've just got our work cut out for us.

Q. (Question about Channing Frye)?
AMARE STOUDEMIRE: Play the game, try to score. You try to score. You try to -- some things just don't work out well. Channing has just to keep his head high. Stay confident. Understand he's one of the better big man shooters in the league, keep that mentality going into Game 3.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
AMARE STOUDEMIRE: Because makes teams have to respect the outside player, and makes teams really have to guard one or the other. Guys going up for shots. So the more guys we can get to shoot well, then the better we are.

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