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May 21, 2010

Chris Wood


Q. Pleasing end to a nice round for you?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I played a lot better than yesterday. I think the course is a bit harder today. Some of the pins were really tough. So you could hit some really good shots and end up with sort of 20-, 25-foot putts for birdie and not be quite on it, and end up with a really tricky third shot.
I would say overall it's playing a shot or two harder and it's pleasing to beat my score yesterday.

Q. Do you feel the more you play, the better you'll get over it?
CHRIS WOOD: I think the greens are tricky, because they can put the pins in some evil places. I mean, a deceiving one would have been 14 today, it was a seriously tough pin there. And there's a few others out there, as well. So you have to be really on your irons.

Q. And the reaction yesterday was slightly mixed, the changes; are they growing on you?
CHRIS WOOD: I think it's a disappointing finishing hole right now. Probably for the public's sake, they like to see people, you know, going for the par 5s in two, and me and Thomas just both hit 2-iron, and I hit a 9-iron for my second shot and it almost turns the hole into just like a 100-yard par 3.
Yeah, I think I had 220 yards to the front of the green, usually you would be looking to take that on. But I just can't see a shot to keep it on the green there. Just a lot of risk and not so much reward for the sort of quality of shot you've got to hit.

Q. Lots of people are here, fantastic weather, so it's a big week.
CHRIS WOOD: Oh, it's by far the best event I think I've played in on The European Tour, so great to see so many people, actually, and it's nice to be in England, as well. It's got a great atmosphere, even yesterday, and it was Thursday, so the weekend should be great.

Q. And I know you know Danny quite well, he's flying at the moment, birdied the first two to go to 8-under. That must inspire you?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, we sort of played England golf the past sort of five, six years probably together. We both played at a similar time. It's good to see a lot of English guys up there.

Q. You both came through Q-School as well and sort of had a mini-competition last year?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I took him down last year, Rookie of the Year, but got to keep working hard to keep up with him. He's a great player.

Q. Hoping to beat him to the first win, as well?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, we have both had some really good finishes but just not quite made it to the first win, so yeah, I'm sure both of us will clinch one sooner or later.

Q. And just your thoughts going into the weekend?
CHRIS WOOD: I just need a little bit of improvement on my iron play. I'm not quite there with the distance and accuracy yet. I hit it a bit better today than I did yesterday.
So keep working on the same stuff.

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