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May 21, 2010

James Kingston


Q. A lot to smile about, isn't there?
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, played nicely. Wind caught up a little bit today so conditions were slightly different to yesterday, especially the finish, coming back all the way from 13. It was quite a tough finish. But I played nicely. Made an early mistake on the first hole, but then played well from there and still pleased to get in 5-under par.

Q. In that tough finish, a nice finish, a birdie at the close?
JAMES KINGSTON: Obviously 17, it's such just a second shot now and I hit a really good one. And then 18, it's just one of those, you hit a decent 3-wood middle of the fairway, but we laid it up with a wedge and hit a sand wedge.
Again, you didn't want to protect the flag severely with sand wedge even, so took two putts and look forward to the weekend.

Q. It's very strategic this golf course at the present, I don't know where the balance lies with being more conservative?
JAMES KINGSTON: That's what's nice about it. It gives you options and it you can attack it if you want to and it also gives the players that plays the percentages, it gives people a decent chance, as well. I think it's a balanced golf course at the moment.

Q. Depends on circumstance, doesn't it, for anybody?
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, it's all going to depend on how you feel and what your situation is at that moment; should you attack or should you just play the percentages.
I think this is a different kind of golf course. Par is a good score on most of the holes here. Last week, making a par was giving a shot back to the golf course. But then obviously it still took a few shots away from you, whereas this week, if you play well and you make par, you walk to the next hole not disappointed with that. I think par is your friend around this golf course.

Q. Come what may, knowing you've been right in the mix one week, you're confident of staying in here the second week?
JAMES KINGSTON: Obviously it's nice to continue and get a little bit of momentum going and we are halfway through the tournament and guys are ahead and about in good position. We have got a great start going into tomorrow.

Q. You sound a bit weary.
JAMES KINGSTON: You know, it's a tough golf course and you don't want to get ahead of yourself here. The thing about this golf course is you've just got to put the ball in play and try and give yourself as many chances as you possibly can, and see what happens. I'm looking forward to the weekend.

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