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May 21, 2010

Colin Montgomerie


Q. Thoughts on your play today?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I missed a lot of short putts there. I missed a three-footer on the second and a 3-footer on the 12th, which was disappointing.
But I managed to get my birdie at 17, which sort of allowed me to make it to the last. I nearly got four, if I had pushed that, as well. So I'm going to work on my putting. If I can get the ball in the hole --

Q. It could have been very good then.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, it could have been very good. I played well this morning. I played better. The greens are new, and they tend to be more difficult to putt on in the afternoon, but overall, Ernie has done a very good job here I think. Everybody concerned here has done a brilliant job of making this course a modern test.

Q. Have you spoken to Padraig? He's going in for surgery Tuesday on a knee injury he picked up playing football over Christmas; and with Martin Kaymer and his go-karting injury --
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, we banned go-karting, that's for sure. I can't do anything about Padraig's injury but good luck to him. It should be okay. It should be okay.

Q. You would quite like the boys to get right?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yeah, well, I need those two, that's for sure.

Q. You're happy with how Luke is playing?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Very much. I'm delighted he's made an effort to come over here and also made an effort to come to Wales, so that's super of Luke Donald to change his schedule to miss the Memorial Tournament to play Wales. I think that's super and a great effort, and all for obvious reasons. I think that's a big tick in his column.

Q. What does he bring to the team, his steadiness and that he blends so well?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Yes, he's the type of player that can play with anybody, in any format, fourball or foursomes. I'm a great believer in fourball. You need two balls in play. With him, you bring three balls in play -- doesn't make any sense, no. (Laughter).
That's accurate, but it's worth three.

Q. You're not thinking of banning golfers from playing football, are you?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, no, we'll be all right. They will be fine. They will look after themselves this summer. They will be fine.

Q. Would you like Luke Donald on the team?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I would like the strongest 12 to qualify. (Laughter)

Q. You have three wild-cards, so you have more flexibility.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It does. It gives me much more flexibility, who can play with who now, as opposed to just picking the top players. They all can play. I can pick two teams that can beat each other on any given day.
So what I've got to do is find out who is playing, and then select accordingly as to how many rookies and how many locker room and all the sort of stuff that goes on in foursomes. I've got that one option, which I asked for and I was pleased that The European Tour gave me that one option.
It might well have been ten on the list, who knows, but it gives me the option to pick whoever is better suited to a foursome/fourball format on a damp course which will be playing long in Wales in October.

Q. Is he on your list at home?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You'll only find out about the list at home -- if all 12 come out of the hat, you'll know my list. Otherwise, you're not.

Q. Luke was saying he didn't think four off the world list and five off the European list was the best way of doing that; he thought it should be the other way around?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Only way I was getting three picks was that way.

Q. Is Donald/Casey a pairing that's interesting?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Oh, goodness me, you could go into circles with your pairings. I don't know them, yet, so you know, you can start guessing around and seeing what's what.
But there's all sorts of possibilities out there, all sorts, and that's a nice problem to have, if you know what I mean.

Q. Have you spoken to anyone in terms of motivating?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No one as yet. Nobody as yet. I haven't spoken to anybody as yet.

Q. But you may do?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I don't think that this team will need motivating. Do you? The motivation was losing last time. That was all the motivation we needed and this team won't need to be motivated, not at all.

Q. Will you have enough time in the two days that you've got when you're there to -- when you go in with some partnerships?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I'll go in with some partnerships, and they will know exactly who they were. I feel it's very important. Bernard Gallacher told myself and Nick, we were playing together months before, that certain players will know exactly what they are doing months before, yes.

Q. Have you told anyone yet?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE: No, I haven't. I haven't. Months, meaning, two, not four.
It's interesting, I believe there's a book out "Cracking the Code," I believe, and it's a very good read, I believe, and I'm going to read it myself. That's only appropriate that I should, and understand how he changed their whole thinking, and their ways, and I'm a true believer and convinced that the American Team last time played like Europeans, and we, unfortunately, played like the Americans did for the past five or six Ryder Cups. And we have got to get that back to we playing the way that Europeans do in Ryder Cups. That's my job.

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