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May 21, 2010

Steve Nash


STEVE NASH: We're going to do whatever we can to complete and earn every inch of the game that we can.

Q. Do you think you've surrendered some of that grit, that energy that you've built up?
STEVE NASH: I don't think so. I just think they knocked us in the mouth. What we were doing didn't really work or affect them. Maybe we've got to do something different or do something better. So it's great. It's a great time to come home.

Q. Seemed like there was a lot of difference between Games 1 and 2 defensively, different teams, more trapping, double teaming. Do you think that threw the team off by getting away from what you've been doing?
STEVE NASH: No, I think some -- first of all, I don't think we did a lot of zone and a lot of trapping. A couple of possessions here and there. I think they worked when we did them for the most part.
I don't think that's a big deal. But, you know, going into the series, we did make adjustments before Game 1 that were different than we've done in the past, and they weren't as successful. So maybe we'll mix some things up more or maybe look to go back to what we did throughout the year.
Whatever we do, we're just going to have a good mental attitude and, like I said, fight for everything.

Q. What kind of adjustments were those?
STEVE NASH: Well, I mean, with the triangle, we just went to different options in the post. We doubled Kobe early. We tried to front everything in the post and double it.
So there was a lot of just different things we didn't quite do as much of during the regular season. I thought they were good adjustments going in, but they handled them. That shows the quality of the team, how difficult they are at home and what a great challenge we have here to prove that we're really good as well.

Q. Amare, specifically his defense, is that going to be an area at this point? Is there more to it than that?
STEVE NASH: Well, I mean, I don't think he should listen to anybody but himself. He looks in the mirror and thinks he can do better, he will. So I support him. I think that he'll come back and play a great game. And we're a team. I think we win as a team and lose as a team, and we can't point fingers at anybody but ourselves collectively.

Q. How about Gasol?
STEVE NASH: Pau is one of the best players in the world. So his length, versatility and skill is a problem for every team.

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