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May 21, 2010

Jeff Overton


Q. Jeff, nice round, 5-under for the day, 8-under at the midway point, 5 birdies, no bogeys. Tell us about the second round.
JEFF OVERTON: I hit a lot of great shots today, played better today than I did yesterday, made putts early yesterday to keep me in it, and then I just striped it all over the place today, missed probably 4 putts about 8 feet, so I hit it really well today.
Hopefully you can put the ball in the fairway. You have to be in the fairway to hold the greens, especially with these pins, so I was able to do that and hit a bunch of good shots.

Q. Last time I talked to you you were second in New Orleans, you had a 26th at the PLAYERS. I thought your season got kick-starred in Puerto Rico this year. How do you feel about your game right now?
JEFF OVERTON: I feel very confident, especially after I changed caddies, and changed drivers, always fun to bomb it anytime you get it 100 yards further than you were counting on. Trying to work on my swing, other than that not a whole lot.

Q. Looks like the winds might pick up and it might get tougher out there this weekend.
JEFF OVERTON: Might be fun. The golf course played a little easier today, but if the wind blows it can play extremely difficult so it should make for a fun weekend.

Q. A lot of birdies, no bogeys?
JEFF OVERTON: Very solid, tee to green, a lot of opportunities in the first round. I kept myself in it by making 10, 15-footers for par, and today it was weird, because I didn't make anything, really, first nine holes, I missed five putts about 8 feet. It was fun, hit a lot of great shots and hopefully I can keep it in the fairway. You have to be in the fairway to have a chance.

Q. (No microphone.)
JEFF OVERTON: Go out and have fun. It's a great event, always fun to be in Dallas, fun to support it and it's neat to see all the people come out. Looking forward to having fun on the weekend.

Q. Thanks.
JEFF OVERTON: Thank you.

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