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May 21, 2010

Cameron Beckman


THE MODERATOR: I would like to welcome Cameron Beckman to the interview room. He was 1-over through 14 before play was called due to darkness. He went out and tied the course record with a 61 in the second round today. If you'll start off talking about what clicked after you came back this morning.
CAMERON BECKMAN: You know, I made a couple of nice putts on 16 and 18 to get to 1-under for the tournament and birdied 10 and 11 out of the box, and I've been hitting the ball good the first day, and it continued all day today. I didn't know you could shoot 61 on this golf course to be honest with you, but obviously I did and I'm thrilled to death.

Q. Cameron, some people would say having to come back this morning and play a couple of holes could be a detriment, you have to wake up early, but did it help you?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I liked how I was hitting yesterday, I was excited to play this morning. Getting up at four in the morning is not great, but I carried that confidence and even though I was 1-over, I knew I was playing better than that, and getting off to a good start on 10 and 11 to start the second round was huge, and I just had a nice flow all day.
I hit a lot of greens and putted great and just real comfortable off the tee, and hopefully it can continue for the weekend.

Q. Your last two rounds here were 80s, I believe, and you didn't --
CAMERON BECKMAN: Thanks for reminding me. (Laughter.)

Q. Then you didn't play for two years. Did you have a bad experience other than the scores and --
CAMERON BECKMAN: No, I can't remember why I didn't play, because I've always played this tournament, I love this tournament. This was the first time I've played it since the golf course was new.
I think my back was bothering me both years, to be honest with you. And I remember the last time I was here, I did play poorly, but it's been a while ago and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Cameron, it seems like your game plan this year is to either win the tournament or only play a couple of rounds. In all seriousness, how do you explain the season?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I can't. I didn't play well since the start, then I won at Mayakoba, and then I've been having the weekends off since, and I've spent the last three weeks a little irritated, and I've been working pretty hard, and I think that's why I'm -- it's showing up, the hard work.
And you know maybe a little lull after the win, I think I lost a little focus, and that's why I've been working hard the last three weeks. It would be nice to get into position again.

Q. Is there something this week that's started to click?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I've hit the ball so poorly except for Mayakoba, and I've been working hard on alignment, and I know that sounds simple but my alignment has been all over the place. My iron game hasn't been good and haven't driven it well either, so this week my iron play is great and my driving has been good, so maybe I should pay attention to my alignment, I guess.

Q. This is your best round, I guess, did it feel like that?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I had one of those days where everything was clicking, you know? It doesn't happen very often, but just the whole day I didn't have any bogeys all day and never really had a chance to make one all day. It's just a lot of fun to play that way.

Q. Does that feel like your best round?
CAMERON BECKMAN: When I won the Frys, I had two back-to-back on the weekend that were solid; I shot 64s and 63s, back-to-back. That's probably the best I've ever played.

Q. How did you detect your alignment was off?
CAMERON BECKMAN: My teacher. I worked with him in San Antonio, and I live in San Antonio, and so I was there all week. Poor performance there, was irritated with that, Friday I played better, started to get a little confidence, and I kinda brought that in this week.

Q. Did you have any indication that you were ready for a break-through? Something that you felt -- figuring out that alignment, for instance?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Yeah, I mean, there is not something specific, I think it's just the hard work over the last weeks. Actually since Charlotte, is that when I came back out? So I played Charlotte, PLAYERS, San Antonio and here, and I've played more in a row this last four weeks than I have been all year. I've been spotty with my play and been doing some other things, learning how to fly, and I haven't been focused as much on golf prior to that.
You know, you just can't -- you have to be focusing all the time-out here to be competitive, or you're going to get your butt kicked.

Q. Close to your license?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I'm 50 hours in. I'm not close to my license but I've soloed. I've flown a little bit, so it's been fun.

Q. Who do you work with on your swing?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Joe Caruso out of San Antonio.

Q. Kind of going off that, we're doing a piece on swing coaches here in a couple of weeks. Do you feel that the evolution of swing coaches in the game, are they overrated or underrated in the game of golf?
CAMERON BECKMAN: They're probably underrated, I think. I mean, I'm a perfect example of alignment. I've been lining up right since I won, and I just hadn't been paying enough attention to it. And if you're not lining up right, I know it sounds simple, but I've got to have somebody to see that, and that's what I've been working on for two weeks now and look at how much better I played just from alignment.
We all have to have an eye, and I'm not a big mechanical type of player, but I definitely work on my swing pretty hard with him.

Q. Your good friend, Chris Smith, looks like he's making the cut.

Q. Talk about that.
CAMERON BECKMAN: I think it's awesome. What he's gone through and for him to be even playing right now is spectacular. It would be so cool to see him come out and win a tournament. That would be awesome. And I think he will, he's such a great player, and he always has been, and it would be nice to see things go that way for him.

Q. Cameron, I know you've been coming here for a while. The last couple of years the course has changed, some holes dramatically --

Q. -- is there one or two holes that you have to play totally different than you used to in the past? I know at one time there was a double green, now it's split, is there one or two holes that you play different?
CAMERON BECKMAN: I think the biggest difference is 18. That's tighter, there is more -- you could make a 6 there pretty quick, and I've been hitting 3-wood off that tee. That's, to me, the biggest change. Most of the other holes they improved them, not that they didn't improve 18 but that's the toughest tee shot on the course.

Q. What do you hit for an approach?
CAMERON BECKMAN: Today I hit 5-iron in there. It's only 421. You would like to hit a driver but you've got to hit it perfect there to get it in play, otherwise you hit it up in the trees and you're done, or you have to barely miss over here and it goes in the water. It's a tee shot you have to pay attention on.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Cameron, good luck this weekend.

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