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May 20, 2010

Richie Ramsay


Q. The obvious, how good is that on a new course like that?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yes, this is really good. I'll say it's a tough golf course any time you play it, but obviously with being a little bit new, you have to know the lines and where to hit it and where to miss it, especially with some of the run-offs he's created. There's a lot of variety out there.
I just played okay, and then I just putted well. And it's great to just say I putted well, because I putted well the last few weeks and it's the consequence of actually being stuck out in Atlanta. I got stuck out there because of the volcanic ash and I phoned up TaylorMade and there's a fitting centre that's about two hours away from there.
So I travelled down there for the day and one of the fitters, Jay Johnson, we were talking about putters for a good hour. And I wanted to keep the same putter, but we felt something that was slightly different and different loft and lie and worked on that and ever since then, I've worked just hard on my posture and pace and everything and seems to be paying dividends.

Q. I take it you approved some of the changes, particularly on the greens out there then?
RICHIE RAMSAY: The greens are good for a year-old, considering the bad winter we've had. I think the deepening of the bunkers makes it pretty penal off the tee. You've really got -- it's almost playing kind of like a links course.
You've got to be short of the bunker because if you're in the bunker, that's costing you a shot nearly all the time. So playing Royal Aberdeen, I'm used to that and being quite precise off the tee, you have to leave yourself short of the bunkers. Or if you're going to take them long, you have to know where you're going to miss it and that's kind of helped as well.

Q. I assume with a score like that, you did avoid the bunkers, the fairway ones in particular?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, I drove the ball pretty well and every time I missed a fairway it was always on the right side in the semi. Stayed out of the bunkers because like I say, they are penal. You could be hitting out sideways and the ones up at the greens are quite tough, as well. But you know, good driving off the tee. Irons were decent but then I made some nice putts, which made up for it.

Q. Just give me the highlight of the day then, something involving the putter, was it?
RICHIE RAMSAY: I would say probably -- probably on 8, I kind of hit it down the middle, a lovely shot and I was in the middle of a divot and I tried to kind of fade out of there and just didn't come out. Was miles short of the green. I chipped up and holed like a nice 15-footer and I think that was almost a momentum-change there. If I had missed that, I might have just fallen back a bit, but I holed that and made a world of difference. I kept on going on and played solid and obviously shot 2-under on the back to kind of consolidate the front nine.

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