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May 20, 2010

Richard Green


Q. Tell us about a good day.
RICHARD GREEN: Very good, yeah, probably as good as it's been for a while for me, actually. The putting was very good and my iron play was exceptional. That's what you need to have around here this week, and you know, I drove the ball probably 50 per cent better than I have been over the previous few weeks, so it all helps, every part of it.

Q. And you've had it around here in the past but the past has been a little different than what the course is shaping up this time. What are your thoughts?
RICHARD GREEN: It definitely asks some different questions of your game. Slightly different challenge and you've just got to sort of map your round out a little bit differently, instead of sort of getting through to the 12th hole and maybe getting a little bit of a breather birdie sort of thing, you end up sort of battling for a par sort of thing.
It's a much tougher challenge on the different holes, but playability-wise, I can't complain. The golf course is very playable. It's very consistent approaching the greens and the greens are rolling consistently. That's all we can ask for from a player.

Q. You do have a great reputation of plotting your way around a course, I presume this is something that finds favour with you?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, this sort of challenge is definitely to my liking. I think 95 per cent of the guys, would probably answer that the same. I think good golf course look good on this golf course. You go to some golf courses, they are so big and long and different that the good golf shots don't get rewarded; whereas around here, your good golf shots get rewarded.

Q. I take it you avoid the pitfalls?
RICHARD GREEN: I did. I hit into one bunker on 14 but made a nice up-and-down and played a good shot. It was good to keep that momentum rolling along.

Q. The particularly striking holes, how did you play the 8th and 18th?
RICHARD GREEN: I played them both very well actually. I hit a nice 3-iron off the tee on 8 and a 9-iron to it would have been ten feet I suppose. But it was just the right shape and a quality shot. I remember saying to my caddie after I hit it, "That's a quality shot."
Very pleased. And then on the 18th, hit one of the greatest shots of my life in there to about 15 feet for eagle. You know, I don't think you'll see too many other shots as close as that all week.

Q. And you just were determined to take that on?
RICHARD GREEN: I hit as good of an opportunity as I was going to have all week. I said to my caddie, Simon, yesterday, if I hit it on this little upslope on the fairway and I have this yardage and it's this club, it's perfect, I'll have a go at it. But you have to hit it in a spot like this to have a crack at it.
I hit it right on that spot today and I had the right yardage and right club, and bang, it was perfect, 3-iron. I had about 226 yards to the flag, and it just worked out really well.

Q. Given what you said to start, it's good to have the confidence to take it on?
RICHARD GREEN: Yeah, absolutely. If I had not had the confidence from the previous few weeks in the game, especially on the practise side the last week and leading into this week has just jumped through the roof, so I can only try and build on it and keep building confidence under pressure on the golf course.

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