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May 20, 2010

Matt Barnes


MATT BARNES: Once I get warm, I'm fine. There's no pain. That's the only thing I have to worry about.

Q. It's basically the same thing as it was? It's not getting worse?
MATT BARNES: No, no, I'm fine.

Q. You finished the second half on Pierce the other night. Do you think maybe you should guard him --
MATT BARNES: Yeah, we're not sure of the match-ups, but I would love to guard Pierce. Whoever I'm on, I just have to do the best job I can.

Q. You've been that guy all year long. You've guarded the best guy on the other team. That's the match-up you relish?
MATT BARNES: Yes. Like I said, I would love to guard Pierce. I got a chance to guard him the last game and I thought I did a pretty good job. He's really rolling right now. We need to slow him down somehow.

Q. Is that best for you guys to have Vince going through all those screens?
MATT BARNES: That's why we're not sure of the match-ups yet. We have to wait and see. I'm sure the coaching staff is going to put a strategy together. We have to go out and execute.

Q. Matt, only seven points separate these two games, but do they have an edge so far?
MATT BARNES: No. They got the edge in winning. That's about it. We played good in the second game. It came down to a few possessions.
They're really tough in scoring in the paint. That's something I'm going to have to make an adjustment with along with the rest of the smaller guys going in there. Dwight is the only one really scoring in the paint. We have to make some adjustments on that. And really just try to get back in transition. They're still hurting us in transition.

Q. One thing you don't do is fear the road, right?
MATT BARNES: No, not at all. A game is a game. Right now our backs are against the wall. We're putting all our focus on getting this one game on Saturday. Then we will need to take care of the next game.

Q. What's the mood like? Stan said you guys were pretty locked in today.
Yes, we've been locked in. Yesterday we watched a lot of film. Today we came back and worked on everything we talked about yesterday. Winning is on our mind. That's the only thing that can be on our mind. We still feel we have a legitimate shot to win this series. We have to take it game by game.

Q. I know these guys are big and long, but you guys have missed a lot of point shots.
MATT BARNES: A lot. A lot. Very unlike us. The shooting percentage we have. You have to credit their defense because they're a very tough defense. We're missing wide open 3-pointers, wide open lay-ups, wide open mid-range. So... it will come together.

Q. Frustrating for you?
MATT BARNES: Very, very frustrating. Going in there and not drawing contact. And we're going to have to make adjustments.

Q. Are you guys hurrying on offense a little?
MATT BARNES: A little bit with the pace they played. I think more the first game than the second game. I think we got composed maybe after the first five minutes of the second game. I think we were sped up at the beginning of the game. But after that we caught our composure and started playing the way we should play.

Q. They came out strong on your home court right from the get-go. Now you go on the road and you would expect with their home crowd and the familiarity of the basket for them, they would do the same. How do you rise for that?
MATT BARNES: We have to hit them first and we have to come out strong. I don't think we came out like we came out during the season at all in this series. We haven't played the way we're capable of playing yet. So, you know, time is running out. We have to do it.

Q. Have they done anything in these playoffs they weren't doing during the regular season?
MATT BARNES: They're just a different team. They struggled the end of the season. Once they got their chemistry in the playoffs, they've probably been one of the best teams playing in the playoffs. I can't say anything different. I just think mentally they're a different team when they're healthy. Once they're healthy they're one of the better teams in the league regardless.

Q. Would a faster pace help you guys?
MATT BARNES: I think that's something we need to do. We have to take advantage of Rondo trying to steal the ball in the back court and going to the offensive glass. You know, we got to rebound and get the ball going, no matter if it's Jameer or Vince or myself. We just have to get it out of there and push it up..

Q. Does it bother you any of those things that Pierce has said about --
MATT BARNES: I don't care what Pierce said. I already got in trouble for having twitter on earlier. I'm not really on twitter right now.

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