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May 20, 2010

Rajon Rondo


Q. What changes since the playoffs started -- have you seen any difference in your swagger?
RAJON RONDO: No. Winning games. We want to win the conference finals.

Q. Doc keeps talking about how you guys have done nothing yet. Is that hard to buy into at times because you've won five in a row, you beat Orlando two games in a row?
RAJON RONDO: No, we didn't come here to win five games in a row. We want to win the championship and hoist the banner. We haven't done it yet, so we've done nothing.

Q. How have you guys been able to defend the initial point of attack and get into your interior defense --
RAJON RONDO: Guys love defense. We've been playing defense with a lot of hands, making them throw out longer passes.

Q. Is that something you guys are doing a lot better in the series than you've done against them the last couple of years?
RAJON RONDO: Yes, that was a big focus, our game plan.

Q. How about the celebrity status you are getting. Doc said a couple of years ago they needed you to play well. Now they have to have you play well. Your name is every place. Some people love it. Some people don't like it at all.
RAJON RONDO: In the summer time I'll probably have a chance to experience it. Right now I'm pretty low-key.

Q. Do you like this long of a break, three or four days between games?
RAJON RONDO: I do. I do. I've been playing about 48 minutes a game.

Q. Do you think the team likes it?
RAJON RONDO: I don't know.

Q. If you have to go 45, 44 --
RAJON RONDO: I want to. It's not like I have to. We have great guys to come off the bench. Nate Robinson can play the position. If Doc wants me to play it, I play it.

Q. Do you like playing extended minutes?
RAJON RONDO: Who doesn't.

Q. Some people get a break --
RAJON RONDO: I got a break. I got three minute break. Then you have TV time-outs and halftime. That's a lot of breaks.

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