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August 6, 2005

Angela Park


Q. Can you talk about the way you played today?

ANGELA PARK: I don't know, I played I played fine out there. I didn't have any bogeys, so I'm not upset with myself. I think a lot of putts should have gone in. They just went by the edge. That would have really changed the match around, other than that, I mean.

RHONDA GLENN: You were never up in the match after the fourth hole, like you were always struggling, coming from behind.

ANGELA PARK: I didn't feel like I was struggling at all. I just tried to keep up with her. I know she's a great player, I know she's going to make all the putts. So, I mean, no, I didn't feel like I was struggling.

I did struggle with putting a little bit, but other than that.

RHONDA GLENN: On 16, a very makeable birdie putt to halve the hole.

ANGELA PARK: It broke a lot, actually. I looked left edge, and it was like a centimeter left of the hole. I putted again and read more break and it went in.

RHONDA GLENN: How long was the putt, would you say? Two and a half, three feet?

ANGELA PARK: Three feet.

Q. Did you feel that the 10 was a big turning point obviously when she holed that for eagle there?

ANGELA PARK: When that went in, I was like, okay, I'm going to have to work really hard on this nine, because I put it to two feet and she holed it out. It's like, you know, that's match play, you have to go on anyways.

Q. When you were playing, were you assuming she was going to make everything like you had been the rest of the week?

ANGELA PARK: Yes, but really, my putts would not drop.

Q. Is that the difference you think in previous rounds for you?

ANGELA PARK: Yes, like I didn't 3 putt at all, but I didn't make the birdie putts that I really needed to catch up with her. So I think I let that slip by a little bit.

Q. Did you see any difference in Morgan's game this year than last year? You play a lot of the same tournaments with her.

ANGELA PARK: I don't know, she's always been a really good putter. I've always seen her putt really well, but I think she's not really accurate with her irons. She'll go for it, I think that's where she's improved a lot.

RHONDA GLENN: 16 was a very difficult hole location on the downslope.

ANGELA PARK: I saw her hit and I was like, maybe I could pull out like a hole in one, one from like 50, 60 yards.

RHONDA GLENN: Congratulations on your play this week.

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