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May 17, 2010

Vince Carter


Q. Up until Game 1, you guys were really on a roll. It seemed like your unselfishness of playing with each other was at a peak. Is this where it comes into play even more?
VINCE CARTER: Absolutely. We want to get back to sharing the ball. Just making sure the open man gets the best shot, it's the first opportunity. Boston's defense is very stingy. They don't leave you with open space and many opportunities.
We have to take advantage of that and bring it.

Q. This is your first practice after a loss in a long time. How does it feel?
VINCE CARTER: Like any other. Just getting prepared for the next game. Shortly thereafter you get to go back at it and fix the problem. Everybody was tuned in, which is great to see. And ready to get back on it.

Q. Is there a greater sense of urgency having lost the first game?
VINCE CARTER: It's a long series, so we're trying to win every game. Every time we step on the floor we're trying to win.

Q. No added pressure?
VINCE CARTER: I don't believe in putting pressure on myself. We're a veteran team. We're a very capable team. We know what needs to be done. I think putting pressure on yourself, sometimes you tend to go out there and do things you don't normally do.
So we want to get back to our brand of basketball and play it. We know it. We've seen it and accomplished so much by doing it. We have to stick to it.

Q. You didn't lose for six weeks. You didn't play for six days. (Indiscernible) they played harder. Seemed like low energy. (Indiscernible)?
VINCE CARTER: It is what it is. It's something we have to fix. It's not something we can't fix. That's fixable. You don't need to, you know -- it's not a game plan. It's just a will. You have to will yourself to win, especially against a team like this that's very stingy.

Q. Do you anticipate starting Game 2 on Pierce?
VINCE CARTER: (Indiscernible).

Q. You didn't lose for six weeks, you didn't play for six days. Boston is kind of a big step up in class from what you had in -- I know, I know. Is it difficult to get up to that level of intensity in that situation?
VINCE CARTER: We didn't bring it. Plain and simple. We know where we need to play. We figured it out a little too late. But what's expected of each of us is to bring that from the jump.

Q. Everyone talks about playing all 48 minutes. Was the first 12 minutes of the game the key to the loss?
VINCE CARTER: I don't know. We were down 20 later in the third. We were only down by ten or 12 then. Throughout the course of the game, they delivered the first blow and continued to deliver the blow throughout the first quarter. I was surprised to see us get up and fight and cut that deficit. It was a 20-point deficit. It could have been more. Seeing a 20 point deficit disappear, that shows we have some fight in us.

Q. Are these the types of series you've always dreamed of being a part of?
VINCE CARTER: Of course. Playoffs is definitely exciting. It's a moment that each individual wants. I want more.

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