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May 17, 2010

Rashard Lewis


Q. How are you feeling?
RASHARD LEWIS: I'm feeling great.

Q. Was today more about film --
RASHARD LEWIS: Yeah. Watching film a little bit. Came out on the court after watching some play defensively, offensively to see what we can do better, better than game one.

Q. What did you see?
RASHARD LEWIS: There was a lot of -- didn't run back on defense, watching film, we turned the ball over 18 times, they had 20 something fast-break points, stepped slow on defensive rotation, didn't get into the guys on pick-and-roll. We definitely made a lot of mistakes.

Q. How important was the first 12 minutes, the first 12, 15 minutes, and why to it happen like that to start the game?
RASHARD LEWIS: The first part is always important. You want to set the tone early. You want to hit them before they hit you.
The first quarter we didn't play very good defense, didn't run back, and they pretty much took the lead early. I thought we were trying to take a little rust off in the first quarter. Not to make any excuses. They are a good team.
I thought we played better in the second half.

Q. You also hadn't lost in --
RASHARD LEWIS: It didn't take me long at all. Overall we didn't play well on the offensive end. We didn't have a good rhythm. Kevin Garnett is a real good defender, but I think we didn't make the extra pass and move the ball from side to side. Play in a better rhythm on the offensive end. It seemed like everybody was taking tough shots.

Q. Did Kevin Garnett (Indiscernible)?
RASHARD LEWIS: Kevin Garnett is always making -- (Indiscernible) even earlier in the year. He's still long, active. He makes it tough in the paint. Even out on the perimeter to shoot over him. He's an active guy that moves.

Q. Can you carry anything over from the second half of Sunday's game?
RASHARD LEWIS: Yeah, you can most definitely. There's a lot of negatives in the game. You can take some positives out of the way we played. As many mistakes we made, we still had a chance to win in the fourth quarter. We cut it to five. So many mistakes, 18 turnovers, gave up fast-break points and still have a chance to win in the fourth quarter.

Q. How important is home court advantage in the playoffs?
RASHARD LEWIS: Very important. Even though we lost the first game, it's almost like it's a must-win game tomorrow. We don't want to go to Boston -- go to their building down two. We need to win tomorrow and try to go and get the game on the road.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
RASHARD LEWIS: Most definitely tough. Especially around this time, the playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals. Playing a real good team.

Q. (Indiscernible) What do you see as a remedy?
RASHARD LEWIS: Make my shots. I have to do my part. I have to find the open three-pointers in order to bring the defense out, make Kevin Garnett come out to the perimeter, and that opens up the paint for me to drive to the basket or get somebody else open shots. Wide open shots like that Dwight demands so much attention, I just look for that.

Q. Are they able to get more hands in your face at the three-point line than a lot of teams because they sometimes come out one-on-one with Dwight down low?
RASHARD LEWIS: When they go one-on-one, watching the film they seem to try to stay out on the three-point shooters in the game. That's going to make it tough on us. That's why we have to execute the pick-and-roll, get to the rim. Dwight has to roll, get the ball to him. Make the defense collapse.

Q. You hadn't lost in six weeks, hadn't played in six nights. Does it seem like a big step up in class, for you guys anyway, from Atlanta to Boston?
RASHARD LEWIS: Yes. Most definitely a different team. Sweeping Charlotte, to having eight days rest, playing Atlanta, sweeping Atlanta, and having a rest and trying to compete against Boston, it's most definitely different. They are a better team, they're a defensive team, they're a veteran team, they're a smart team. And they are going to make you -- they're going to punish you if you turn the ball over 18 times.

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