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May 17, 2010

Kevin Garnett


Q. (Indiscernible)?
KEVIN GARNETT: For the most part, be patient with it and work, work, work every day. And it's paying off.

Q. Can you just describe how different, how much better your knee feels than at the end of the season or the middle of the season?
KEVIN GARNETT: It's like coming out from a rainy day, and the next day it's sunny. You feel better, right? That's it.

Q. Paul said you guys aren't talking about it, but there's talk you are motivated by all this other stuff, LeBron, (Indiscernible) losing last year to the Orlando. Has that motivated you?
KEVIN GARNETT: We're motivated in different ways. Doc brings different stats, different stuff to the locker room to motivate us. It doesn't take much. I watch a lot of Family Guy. I don't watch a lot of your programs. I don't hear what you guys say. At some point it gets back to the group. I think we are motivated from what's in front of us.
You know some of you all had Miami beating us. Some of you all had Cleveland beating us. Those are all motivational subjects. Orlando is no different. Plus these teams are really good. That's enough motivation there, to see how Orlando just were wiping people up in the playoffs. They went through Charlotte, mopped up Atlanta. That's way more than enough motivation. You don't need much, but it's there.

Q. What did you like from watching film from Game 1? And what do you need to improve on in Game 2?
KEVIN GARNETT: We ran a lot of positive things. We focus on the things we didn't do well. We need to rebound better. We have to take care of the ball. Too many turnovers for this team. This team is a good team. Plus we're playing them at home. We have to anticipate this team is coming out full of energy and ready Tuesday night. So we have to be ready for that.

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