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May 17, 2010

Kendrick Perkins


Q. Willing to be more of a defender to try to win, and it seems this series you're looking to go back --
KENDRICK PERKINS: To score. We feel like we got a great matchup with Paul. Feel like nobody can guard him in this series. So we're going to go at him. We're going to have Ray go off screens and keep attacking. With the bigs everybody else gets their's when they get theirs. We have to keep focusing on the defensive end.

Q. What are you doing against Dwight that's been so effective all season long? That whole thing about get to him first?
KENDRICK PERKINS: You have to hit him first, hit him second. You just got to hit him. You have to go in there and play physical with him. He's a physical guy. I think you try to limit his dunks. Anytime he has a chance to have a dunk, you want to wrap him up, send him to the foul line.
I think when he gets a dunk, he gets going. That's my opinion. He can make the jump-hook, really feel it. He gets his energy off of getting dunks.

Q. Would you play him the same way as Rasheed, and then Glen comes in -- do you feel you all play him the same way? Or is there different philosophies?
KENDRICK PERKINS: I play him differently than anybody else. Rasheed plays mind games with him. I'm straight up just going to be physical with him. A physical presence. Rasheed is going to play mind games with him. He might reach right one time, mix it up front, pull the chair on him.
It's different looks he has.

Q. It seems you talked about this before, with Dwight, you can't be intimidated by him. You talked about that.
KENDRICK PERKINS: I mean, you can't. You can't come into the game, I'm play Dwight, I'm playing Superman. You have to come into the game like willing to get dirty. It's all or never. I'm going to put my nose into the fight. That's what it is.

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