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May 17, 2010

Doc Rivers


Q. Do you still have feelings like that or are you looking like I'm in this for the long haul?
DOC RIVERS: I want to be a coach for the long haul. Every year I decide. That hasn't changed. Again, like I said, that's not a story. I mean, I go through it every summer. It's difficult being separate from your family and all that.
That's just something you always go through.

Q. When you talk about offensive balance the other night, and that it is easier for the coaches than the players, can you maybe explain why it's easier?
DOC RIVERS: Because the coach always knows about balance. He can see that the ball movement and next guy, whether an individual player is thinking the ball is in my hand, I can score right now, I can make my own play. You see if you make the next pass to the next pick, it's probably a better option.
That's why it's easier for the coach to see. It's far more difficult for the individual players to see when they do it together, it's better.

Q. Is it tough for you as a coach to rely on them to see it?
DOC RIVERS: You keep pushing it and they have to buy into it. I think our guys, for the most part, have bought into it. It happened to us the last six minutes of the game the other night. It went from trust, ball movement, to we need a basket. I'm going to get the basket. That's not a selfish thing, but it's the wrong decision. You have to keep to the second pass.
We showed that on film. We went from a great ball movement team, and in the last six minutes each guy was thinking, if I can get one more basket, we win the game. We couldn't get the basket because we wouldn't allow ourselves to.

Q. Doc, is this a series between two true teams? It seems like it doesn't matter which player leads the team in scoring?
DOC RIVERS: Yeah, that's absolutely right. You know, you look at Orlando and you try to figure out well, who is their guy that night? And the same thing with us between Ray, Paul, Kevin, Rondo. You don't know. It's exactly the same thing with them. Two teams in a lot of ways, like they mirror each other. They are defensive-minded. I think both teams are very good offensively. We both do it differently, but we end up at the same numbers for the most part, especially efficiency. Defensively I think is what both teams would hang their hat on.

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