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May 17, 2010

Rasheed Wallace


Q. Especially in light that you guys have been together for years (Indiscernible)?
RASHEED WALLACE: That's good. For the simple fact if you are a good team and you don't have no bickering at some point throughout your season amongst players, then there's something wrong in that locker room. At some point everyone on that team wants to win, no matter if it's the first man down to the 14th man.
Same thing in football. No matter if it's the starting quarterback or the third string, everyone wants to win. There's going to be some in-house bickering. That's what makes the team show character. If you can man up to it and say maybe I was wrong or, you know, another guy apologizes, well, it's over now. Let's get on with it. It will make us stronger and tighter down the road.
Guys just talking it out, playing it out, watching film, listening to each other's opinions and being respectful. Not saying disrespectful things like "F you" and this and that. We sit and listen to each other and stroke each other's stomach.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
RASHEED WALLACE: I've always had the media going against me every year. In Detroit they were saying the same thing. You guys are too old, we can't do this, we can't do that. But we ended up there every year. They are saying the same thing about us now. The Celtics, they are this, they are that. They can't do this. They can't play this person.
We are under the radar. We like being under the radar. With our guys around here, that just makes us say we must be doing something right.

Q. This team hadn't lost in six weeks and then they had six days off, the last few games being real easy. (Indiscernible)?
RASHEED WALLACE: It depends on the player and their beliefs. Very well with me being an older player right now, hell, yeah, I would rather have the days off. It depends on the player. Some believe that coming into this series or even a game you have a few days off, OK, you play that first day, you are rusty because you haven't played in a while. It's different with practice. You're not going as hard in practice as you will in a game because, you know, it's towards the end of the season.
Some guys believe look, I have these six days off. I'm going to rest, get my body together, take care of all these aches and pains and try to come out fresh for that next game. It all depends on the player.

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