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May 17, 2010

Ray Allen


RAY ALLEN: I don't think that -- it doesn't really make a difference. Obviously I'll know what's the mind-set today and then the next game. But that's the story line for them. And I think you don't want to buy into it, the team, because going 16-0 in the playoffs is a feat. I don't think any team has done it. If you think that's how it's going to be, any one of us would be proven wrong.
So you have to be prepared to make adjustments out there. It's not always going to be easy. We are talking about how hard what we're doing now is, trying to get over the top.

Q. Ray, do you feel physically like it never really existed -- (indiscernible)
RAY ALLEN: Yeah, like I almost feel like guys that, you know, you see a couple of other players at the games sitting courtside on vacation, their bodies probably at this time have pretty much healed up. Having this time off. The season is a grind when you travel as much as you are and you're playing back-to-back. Now we get more time to rest and it's more of a thinking man's game now and making adjustments.
So you're not trying to go hard with the bodies. I think for most coaches in the NBA, if you play playoff basketball on a regular basis every year, going the regular season, you would see coaches just relax a little bit more during the regular season so you guys can get that rest throughout the season. Healthy bodies are big regardless of how old you are. Definitely at this time of year we have the legs.

Q. That being the case, Doc has been very religiously strict about minutes. Is he doing it just the way you would like to see it done?
RAY ALLEN: Well, I trust what -- he has a good staff of coaches that are monitoring minutes, plays, everything. If there's anything, you go right to him and he's going to make sure we have our information. For me, I think I have a good formula for my body. I pay very close attention to it; when I need to run a little bit more and when I need to stay off it and when I need to shoot more and when I don't.
There are times I know I'm going to be up and down a lot. And so I like to be head on. I get more running in during my off days. The rest in practice is good, because you're not taking so much pounding and grinding on your body. It definitely proves well when games come.

Q. There's been speculation that what LeBron is going to do. Has that kind of overshadowed the playoffs as a whole?
RAY ALLEN: I expected when we beat them, they go home, I expected for a lot of the talk to be about his future, obviously. So much talk going into it. It's a big story. It does -- it does -- you talk about free agency any summer, you talk about your key players, he's at the head of the class. It's a big story, so... But we're here. This is what we're talking about now.

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