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May 13, 2010

Matt Jones


COLIN MURRAY: All right. Matt Jones, thanks for joining us here in the Media Center at the Valero Texas Open. A 6-under par 66 in today's opening round highlighted by 30 on the back-9. If you could just talk about the round today and we'll go from there with it.
MATT JONES: Started off with a double which wasn't the start we wanted but the first hole is not an easy starting tee shot out there at all. It's very narrow.
After that, it was just a battle to get back to even par on the front-9 and then made about a 30-footer for par on 11 which kind of kept me going and from there on we had 6 birdies and an eagle.
COLIN MURRAY: Can you talk about the eagle on 14 a little bit?
MATT JONES: Smashed a drive down there and had 3 in and I absolutely hit a perfect 3-wood to about 6 feet behind the hole.
COLIN MURRAY: I know they moved some of the tees up today. Can you just talk about how the golf course is playing, especially with the wind y'all had out there?
MATT JONES: Yeah. Moved a lot of tees up which I thought was good. It's still playing tough. I mean there's still some good scores for the amount they've moved the tees up. 6-under is leading, you don't expect to get better than that.
This course with these greens, if you miss a tee shot you're working hard to par or birdie. If you miss a second shot it's tough out of the bunkers and run-offs they have on the greens.
COLIN MURRAY: You've been playing well, a couple good finishes in your last two starts at Zurich and Quail Hollow. How much golf do you come in here with and where do you take that from here?
MATT JONES: I kind of backed into the two Top-10s there so I wasn't playing the greatest but my coach is in from Australia so I have a lot of confidence in him which we've been working hard this week and probably go out and do some more work this afternoon and get better for tomorrow.
COLIN MURRAY: Do you mind going through your birdies real quick? Talked about 1 and 14.
MATT JONES: 6, I hit 3-wood and a little wedge just over the green and holed the putt from off the green. Probably about 15-footer, actually was nice.
7, yeah, up the hill. I hit a good 5-iron to 12 feet and made the putt. 12, I chipped in which was nice. It's a tough pin straight downwind and chipped in from about 30 feet and then hit a great 5-iron to 13, 15 feet, and made the putt.
Driver, 3-wood to 6 feet on 14. 16 I hit 8 iron to about six feet and hit sand wedge to 6 feet on 17, which would have been nice to finish with birdie but didn't.
COLIN MURRAY: Three birdies on the par-3s. That's got to give you a lot of confidence in your irons.
MATT JONES: These par-3s aren't easy. To have three birdies on par-3s is quite good.

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