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May 9, 2010

Davis Love III


Q. First sub-70 round of the day. Does that surprise you?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I glanced a couple times at the board. Luckily I didn't see leaderboards when I glanced, and I saw it said, Hot Rounds of the Day, and somebody was 2-under and somebody was 1-under. And I said, Oh, boy. It's not playing very easy.
And I'm playing with Ryan who struggled and didn't have a very fun day and got in a lot of trouble. So I was watching how hard it was firsthand. And how maybe it was a little over-the-top setup-wise firsthand.
So it was kind of another weird day for me on Sunday. And last Sunday Billy and I not getting off to a good start and being on the clock all day, that helped me be a little more patient today.
But, yeah, when I hit my first couple chips on the chipping green, I wouldn't have bet that anybody would have broken par or I mean broken 70. But it looks like Tim's going to do it, and fortunately I did it.
Actually, I made a lot of great two-putts and made some putts. But I still had a few -- left a few shots -- it wasn't a perfect round, but it was a very, very good round.

Q. Can you talk about the final three holes there and how pleased you are with that finish, 3-under?
DAVIS LOVE III: I was really calm, no pressure (laughing). You know, after I bogeyed 15, I said you know, I'm going to do the best job I've done all week. I've hit free, confident golf shots, and I really didn't hit a bad one after that. So I'm very proud of the way I finished.
Making the putt at 16 was nice, and 17 obviously is an unbelievable birdie. Almost got it up on top on 18. But I hit four or five really good shots, and I'm proud of that. I was so nervous at 17 after -- was it our discussion yesterday about walking to 17?

Q. Yes.
DAVIS LOVE III: I waved at the kids and took a lot of deep breaths. But, you know, I decided that after hitting an overly-aggressive shot and making a silly bogey at 15, I was going to play as loose and free as I could the last three holes.
I've been getting under in pressure situations well, 18 the other three I times I played it, my son calls it over there to the right, Davis Love corner over there by cart path.
So I played them tight really the first three days, and today I tried to just relax and play and not try to make anything happen, and I did. I played them 3-under by just relaxing and playing.

Q. When you do that, did you feel like why didn't I just tell myself before I teed off today that, or get in that mindset?
DAVIS LOVE III: Like I've said ten times already this year and a hundred times in my career, will I ever learn? But that's why it's so much fun. That's why at 46 I'm still hitting balls, I'm still practicing and still excited about playing because you never figure it out. Every day is different.
This Sunday is so different from last Sunday. It's like night and day, you know. So I'm still learning. It's not learning something new, it's just learning how to do what you know how to do and do it more often.

Q. For the guys coming down 14th through 18, which hole do you see posing the biggest problem that maybe playing a little more difficult than it normally does?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, just hitting the fairways you're going to be 14's downwind, 15's not playing really into the wind, kind of more across. So if you just hit the fairways, 14, 15, 16, you're not going to be in too much trouble.
I think the scary shots on the back are going to be the ones around the water. Your second shots on 16, and your tee shot on 17, and then 18's always tricky. So I mean there are bogies out there, but if they drive it well, they shouldn't have too much problem.

Q. How surprised were you to hear about Tiger dropping out?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, I was actually in the local room when they were interviewing him. It's funny that he and I were talking about my neck injury earlier in the week and that I needed to workout more. We were talking about working out some together, and he pulls out for the same thing that bothers me.
I know how he feels. It's a scary feeling when your fingers are tingling and you're hitting shots and getting headaches, it is a weird feeling. You don't know what to do. I've withdrawn, I think I birdied a hole and with drew on the same hole at the TOUR Championship one year. I was just scared. Because every time a hit a shot I could feel it in my head, it was tingling. It's disconcerting, certainly.
When you're not playing well, it wrecks your confidence, too. So hopefully he can find out what's wrong with it and manage it like I've been trying to.

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