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May 8, 2010

Adam Scott


Q. Can you talk about your round, please?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it was a slow day. I played okay, but I didn't take advantage of the par-5s, and I just kind of hung in there all day and unfortunately bogeyed the last.
You know, I didn't get much out of it. I think I played better than I scored today. But again, I found the golf course tricky. You've got to hit the fairways to have a chance to get it anywhere near the hole. Probably missed a few too many fairways.

Q. As a former champion, do you notice differences every year you come back here, or does it all seem overall about the same?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it's different than it used to be when we played with the overseeded golf course. You know, but they haven't made many changes in the last three years since they changed the grass I don't think.

Q. A lot of players are saying that 17 is playing easier this year than it's ever played, fewer balls in the water. What's your reason for that if you had to guess?
ADAM SCOTT: I think the green is kind of soft. It has been anyway. You know, and most balls struck well pitching on the green are going to hold the green, whereas in the past up on the top shelf there, it gets so firm, and balls release, and also they can't use that -- I believe they're not going to use that top left pin this year because of the green's condition. So that's normally the spot where they lose a lot of balls in the water.

Q. How have you played it this week?
ADAM SCOTT: Made two birdies and a par, so I'm happy.

Q. How about the wind conditions today? Did that toughen it up this afternoon, or was it steady all day?
ADAM SCOTT: It was steady for my round all day. I teed off at 12:45. You know, it was fairly consistent, so I don't think that was a problem. It was really some tough pins. It was hard to get it really close to the hole. But there were good scores out there still. Some guys must have been making some putts.

Q. And your thoughts going into tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: I'd like to finish off well. I mean, everyone seems to be shooting some low scores, so I'd like to get a mid-60s round going tomorrow and just see how that stands, get in early and hope.

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