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May 7, 2010

Henrik Stenson


Q. Obviously it's touch and go, isn't it?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, seems that way. I mean, I'm happy that there is a touch and go. It was a tough day of performing out there. I didn't get much going for me. I was 2-over at the turn and then had a couple of decent chances. I left one in the opening short on 12, in the jaws, and left it short on 10 from further distance, but it was just one more roll and it would have been in to go back to 2-under after 12.
And then followed that one up by hitting it short left and bounced it back in the water on 13 and ended up with a double on that one. So things were looking pretty dark from there on.
I kept fighting to give myself a couple of chances and made a good up-and-down on 16 and had a good number on 17 because I tried to take a wedge on 15 and it came up 137 meters in the down breeze and then I had 138 or something on 17. So I knew I could make a full pass with a wedge and hit a good shot and it came up like six feet short and made that one for birdie, as well.
Then missed a tee shot on 18 and hit a good hooking 9-iron from under the trees and got it up. It looked like it almost had a chance to release up the 18th up to the pin, but it kind of stayed on the lower tier and I had a 30-footer.
They said I was tied 70th when I came in, so it seems like I might have a small chance to make it, which would be really nice. It's never fun to miss the cut when you're defending champion. Where I am with my game at the moment, I need a few more rounds under my belt, so I would really appreciate to play over the weekend. We'll just wait and hope.

Q. Any idea why you're struggling a little bit?
HENRIK STENSON: Well, I've been struggling with my game overall. I also feel better when my confidence is low, and I need to keep on playing. I need to feel more comfortable with what I'm doing out on the golf course. Some parts of the game felt pretty good today, but overall there's some confidence lacking, and I didn't make any putts out there until 16 and 17 where I really needed them, I guess. But I needed to make a few more early on to stay in the ballgame.
But it seems to be playing tougher in the afternoon compared to the morning. It seemed like most of the guys higher up on the leaderboard all played in the morning today, so I guess there might be a slight advantage in the draw playing early-late. It's probably a little less fortunate than playing the other way around. Probably not by a lot, but...

Q. Is it a different golf course this year than the one you won on last year?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, for sure. It was so much softer, and it's lacking a bit of growth here and there due to the cold winter. Yeah, it played different. I said earlier in the week that it was going to be low scores and you can attack it much more, but also some shots become harder because you don't quite know if it's going to -- some will kick on a little bit and release and some really hold, so it kind of plays tricks on your mind a little bit with what way it's going to go. It plays a little bit tricky at times, but it's a great golf course. You've really got to hit the shots and do the right thing to get a good score in around here.

Q. What, if anything, are you fighting or trying not to do?
HENRIK STENSON: Well, it's just in the swing. I'm trying to get the stability back, and that's down to the body work in the golf swing. I've been sort of thrashing at it too much with my arms and relying on hand-eye coordination and timing, and in the long run that never works out. I've got some good drills and I'm heading in the right direction. I need a bit of time.

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