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May 7, 2010

Jim Furyk


Q. The last five or six holes, you had a lot of good putts. A lot of them were extremely close. Was it getting a little testy there?
JIM FURYK: I actually feel like I played a lot better than 73 today. I didn't see a lot of putts go in. I had a bad stretch there from 6 to 9 where I bogeyed three holes and hit two good shots at 6. Ball went to the green, made bogey. Bad drive at 7, and then put the ball on the green, but still had a putt where I couldn't get it up there all that close, got it about six feet, missed it.
Then 9, you couldn't have placed my drive better, and I ended up making six from there. That is the one I kind of regret for the day. That's a great opportunity to make 4, and I leave there making 6.
But I played great on the back. You know, I didn't hit any greens on the front. I hit some good shots that went through greens, missed a couple drives just by a few feet here and there out on the fairways, and just didn't give myself any opportunities. On the backside it was a different story. I had a bunch of good birdie putts. When I didn't take advantage of 10, 11, 12 with wedges, I was a little disappointed, but made a good par save at 13 after a bad first putt. Then I had a great look at 14 and 15, and I actually hit as good of putts as I probably could have and they didn't go in.
Was able to make a good two-putt at 16. That kind of calmed me down. And then played kind of conservative on 17. Hung one out there on 18. Almost made that putt from about 50 feet.
So I played solid on the back nine. Just didn't see a lot of stuff go in the hole, and didn't score and get much out of it. Of course, this course can do that to you pretty quick though.

Q. Harder today especially early-late?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, the morning rounds are going to yield some better scores. If a guy goes out there today and shoots 67, 68 in the afternoon, he's played a really good round.

Q. Do you make yourself aware in the last nine, do you make yourself aware where the cut is probably going to be and what do I need to do here?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, on the way in they've got those big scoreboards out there telling you what you're tied for and what the projected cut is. Yeah, you're aware of it. Take a lot of pride. You want to play on the weekend no matter what.
You know, Henrik, the defending champion, he birdied 16 and 17, makes a great par on 18, and it looks like he'll get in on the weekend. You know, I want to do the same thing. I'm at home; I don't want to sit at home on the weekend and watch everyone else play.

Q. Is this a different kind of golf course this time of the year? Obviously, the weather is different. If you could kind of compare and contrast it?
JIM FURYK: Oh, I didn't think that the golf course was set up properly when we had to play it in March, but we had no choice. Had to overseed. If it got any rain or any dampness at all, the place played really soft. This golf course was meant to really not have a lot of rough, to see balls feed and have some collection areas.
It's a very penal, very severe golf course. When it plays firm and fast, it plays a lot shorter, plays a lot tougher. Going to May and not overseeding in the winter and getting this type of weather, theoretically in May you're going to have pretty dry weather and it's going to be starting to get relatively hot. This is a pretty hot week, I think, for this time of the year. But it should provide a pretty firm, fast golf course. Even with the rain we got on Tuesday and Wednesday, it's still pretty firm out there right now and it's got potential to be pretty difficult on the weekend.

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