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May 7, 2010

Davis Love III


Q. Halfway point, you're in the thick of it. You're right in the middle of it. Just a couple comments on where your game is right now today.
DAVIS LOVE III: I had a good round today. Hit the ball well. Couple mistakes on the front nine, which was the back for me. But other than that, I'm rolling the ball real well. Striking the ball well, and obviously making enough birdies. So eliminate a few little mistakes and I'm right in the tournament. Obviously, scores are low, so you have to make a lot of birdies.

Q. From a condition standpoint, where is it today compared to yesterday, same?
DAVIS LOVE III: It's similar. Obviously in the afternoon it got a little blowier than it did this morning. It might dry out a little bit. But the greens are still receptive. If the wind doesn't blow too hard, the scores will be lower than usual. But the greens are perfect. So if you get a birdie putt or expect to make anything inside of 10 feet, you expect to hit a good putt, it will go in.

Q. You have to have the mindset to go get it. You're looking at the leaderboard going up and up?
DAVIS LOVE III: I was trying not to watch the leaderboard but that 11 kept popping up. And when you see that, you can't be shooting in the middle of the greens and praying for pars. Usually on this course, you make a bunch of pars, you throw a birdie in every once in a while and you're making up ground. Now with the soft and the greens so good, you have to make some birdies, and 11 under is not normal, but that's the leader, so you have to shoot at it and make a few to keep up.

Q. How do you balance that, because there's always the chance that you try to do too much and end up paying for it?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, this course, I did that a few times yesterday. I shot it over and to the side of a couple of greens and you make bogeys. But I think Pete wants you to be aggressive in a lot of places and you have to pick your spots. You have to hit good golf shots.
I hit a few bad shots going at the middle of the green and it cost me. So a bad shot no matter what you're doing is going to cost you. But if you're playing, you know, cautiously aggressive, if you're shooting back to pins but not in the corners, things like that, if you're not trying to hit it on the margin of the hazard every hole. But at least you're shooting back to the pins, shooting at the pins and not short-siding yourself, you can make some birdies when It's this soft.

Q. We've seen a lot of people who are trying to make a low number to get on that cut line who are going in the water on like 18. So I think that sort of -- is that what you're talking about?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I think when you're overly aggressive trying to make something happen, you can certainly -- that's when the mistakes come. But aggressive at some of these pins is just trying to get it on the right level; or if the pin's at the back, trying to get it to the back; or if the pins at the front, trying to land it at the front. When there is water and deep bunkers, you still have to shoot away from them and play cautiously.

Q. With conditions like this, can you make enough birdies? Is it ever enough?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, 18 today is enough. But you never know. You really don't. Last week on Sunday, starting 7-under, I thought if I would have shot 6-under or 7-under I would have won. Well, I wouldn't have. So you never know. And when somebody yells out in the crowd, you know, 65 today, you always think, why would you limit yourself to a number? And I think that's what we've learned out here is you never know what somebody's going to shoot. I don't know what Ryuji shot today; it must be 7-under or 8-under? But, you know, scores are low, and you can't get a number in your head and say if I shot 67 every day I would win, because you might not. You've just got to try to birdie every hole.

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