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May 6, 2010

Davis Love III


Q. Up-and-down round, but all in all, assess your play today?
DAVIS LOVE III: All in all I hit the ball real well except for a couple drives there in the end. I just didn't make a good score out of a pretty good ball-striking day.
It was obviously hot early, and missing fairways on this course is going to kill you, and it caught up with me at the end.

Q. You've got to feel pretty good about after Sunday coming back and kind of righting the ship a little bit?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, today was a lot like Sunday. I just threw away some shots. They were kind of silly. I missed some fairways that I normally hit. Normally 16 I usually drive a way down there, and we had a long wait there, and I just didn't make a good swing.
Then 18, because I hit one left on 16, I probably hit one right on 18. You know, those are always holes where if you hit the fairway, the hole becomes real easy. If you miss the fairway, the hole becomes real hard.
I didn't hit a bad drive at 14, but it got in the swale and I caught a flier and made an easy bogey there, too. You know, if I put it in play like I did the first 12 holes, I was pretty much in every fairway. I just didn't have a shot at the green, really at 16 or 18.

Q. What is clicking for you to get the ball on the fairway and in play? Is it your adjustment to your irons? Did that help last week?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I'm gaining confidence in my swing. My clubs felt better obviously last week after a little tweaking. And, you know, you make some birdies. After Bay Hill I said, you know what, if I can just keep playing like this, eventually something good's going to happen. I'm being more patient, gaining confidence.
You keep shooting 3-under and you feel like you played bad. Like last week, I felt like I played bad, and I was right there the whole week. I'm not hitting it bad. I'm just playing bad. There is a huge difference.
If you're hitting it bad, like Johnny Miller said yesterday, it's lonely. But if you're making birdies and you feel like you're just throwing shots away, you can fix that pretty easily.
Just a little bit more confidence off the tee at 18, you know, and I'd have finished with 4-under, and a good drive at 16, never know, I might have been at 7-under. I was right there. And I want to just keep getting right there, and I'm gaining confidence because of little stuff like that.

Q. Are you surprised by the low scores or is the condition such that you could see that coming?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, you know, a little bit of rain, little bit of -- a lot of humidity. Keeping the greens, they're not super hard. You feel like if you missed the putt, it's your fault. If you can make putts, you know, obviously guys are getting 5, 6, 7-under par, they're making putts to get there.
It was a little breezy maybe the last hour of the day. But other than that, it was a pretty calm, soft day and the course was there for scoring.
Now, usually, in a big tournament, dries up a little bit, greens get a little harder on the weekend, and it will get tougher as we go.

Q. Does course knowledge still matter as much here as maybe in Augusta. This is a different tournament now. It's played in May, not played in March. It looks a little different?
DAVIS LOVE III: I still think the little things that you know from playing it a lot help you. This is not a course where you figure it out the first time around or the first tournament, first time you play in a tournament. You have to be patient.
Pete tries to trick you in a lot of ways and you just have to be patient. Sometimes middle of the green is not a good shot. Like today at 13, middle of the green was not a good place to be because it goes down the hill and it's a tough two-putt.
I knew missing it short and right was a lot better than missing it short and left or pin high left. So little things like that you learn over the years. Places to go at the pin and places not to. It's still a tricky course.
You can see, if you hit the ball well and you can stay out of trouble, you can shoot a low score. As soon as you get in trouble, it's a tough golf course. So local knowledge and experience helps.

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