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May 6, 2010

Jim Furyk


Q. Just some general comments about the round and the conditions of the golf course.
JIM FURYK: I'm pleased with the 69. I got off to a little bit of a slow start with the double at 14, and the bogey at 15. I was 2 over par with 12 holes to play. So to turn it around and make a bunch of birdies, I think I birdied six of my last 12. Got on a good stretch there with 16 and 17, and then 1 and 2. So birdieing those 4 out of 5, actually, 1, 2, and 4, got myself back in the golf tournament.
I think the scores will be good today because of the rain we've had. There is some moisture in the golf course. As it dries up, it will be quite a different golf course. A 69 at that point will be a much better round. But right now it's a good, solid round and keeps me in the hunt after day one.

Q. Did you have a number in mind when you walked to the first tee today based on the conditions?
JIM FURYK: Not really. I think you get out there and you try to get a feel for how it's playing early on in the first few holes of the greens. Are they quick? Are they receptive? How are they holding?
I expected it to be a little soft because of the rain. It looked like early on after three or four holes, I looked up at the board, and there were guys 2, 3, 4-under par. It looked like scoring was going to be really good. It slowed down a touch there for a while and looked like those guys got it to 6-under at the end of the day.
So I expected some decent scoring. I was a little disappointed when I was 2-over. I had to turn it around pretty quick and get back under par.

Q. They've changed this golf course so many times over the years that you've been a competitor here. Where is it now? Is it where it should be in terms of being a test?
JIM FURYK: I'm not sure they really ever tried to make the golf course harder as they went back and redid things. I think they always tried to make it better. Those are two separate categories.
I think that as they made the improvements, I feel like any architect probably goes out and designs a golf course, and even the best one in the world they're probably always kicking themselves thinking they could have done something here, something there. I think every time we've gone back and made some changes, I think for the majority of the time they've been positive and helped the course become better.
I think it's a tough test of golf. Once you dry this place up and make it firm and fast, it's very difficult to score out here and it's always been a hard golf course.

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