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May 6, 2010

Vijay Singh


Q. Back feeling good right now?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, this hot weather is doing it very good, I think. I've had no problems for a week now. I think it's going to be okay.

Q. What kind of therapy have you had to do on the back?
VIJAY SINGH: Nothing for a while now. It was back spasms, so you cannot have any therapy, you know.

Q. A soft-tissue thing?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I haven't had any therapy. Just relaxed and let it rest. I think I had too much therapy there for a while that I couldn't get it released. But it's good now. No problem at all.

Q. Did you not practice as much or did you just have to park yourself for that stretch when you were going through the Florida Swing, Tampa, Bay Hill, Houston and all that?
VIJAY SINGH: No, I didn't do anything at all. You just have to rest and try not to hurt, you know. So I had a lot of painkillers in me and muscle relaxers and that kind of thing just to release the muscles.

Q. Were you hanging around the house, watch TV?
VIJAY SINGH: If you can, yeah.

Q. Was it part of your therapy or part of the reason that you wore the shoes to practice the other day?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I normally practice with tennis shoes over here, and it just felt like a tennis shoe. It felt very comfortable, so I was just using them. Somebody said, hey, it's good for your back, as well, so I said why not.

Q. Did you know Freddy had had success wearing those?
VIJAY SINGH: I don't think it's the shoes.

Q. How good did that stretch of birdies feel?
VIJAY SINGH: It felt really good. I haven't done that for a while, so it was a good feeling. It was disappointing that I didn't make birdie on the last hole. It's a very accessible pin there. But I'll take a 3-under any day, yeah.

Q. With how long your career's been and how successful you've been, how hard is it for you to be patient with what's going on with your back?
VIJAY SINGH: You just have to. When you have an injury like mine, you just cannot do anything. It's the worst kind of injury because it paralyzes you all over.
So you just have to rest and there is nothing you can do. Everybody you talk to says you need rest, so okay, you know.

Q. I have a hard time envisioning you doing the couch potato thing. Do you just watch cricket on TV? Seriously, I want to know.
VIJAY SINGH: I try to walk a lot, you know. Just try to do a lot of other things besides hitting balls because you can't do it. So just try to make do with time and do other things. Gosh, go to the beach, you know, look at the ocean and watch guys play golf.

Q. How long did you go between hitting balls? Was there a couple-week window?
VIJAY SINGH: About three weeks one time. But I do come out here and try to chip a little bit. But even then --

Q. A couple shots, three weeks?
VIJAY SINGH: About two and a half, yeah.

Q. How long since you've gone that long without ever hitting, seriously?
VIJAY SINGH: It's been a while.

Q. When you go out today, how long do you think you practiced for?
VIJAY SINGH: I don't know. An hour maybe max.

Q. Was there any thought about wearing the shoes that you practiced in at all to play?
VIJAY SINGH: Not really. I think there are too many guys yelling out, those are Freddy's shoes you've got on. So I kind of had enough of that (laughing).

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