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May 6, 2010

Alex Prugh


Q. Talk about the round a little bit. Birdie on 17th hole the first time you saw it?
ALEX PRUGH: It's an easy hole (laughing). No, I had a great round today. One bad swing. Beyond that I birdied the holes I needed to birdie. 17's not too hard, I guess. I've birdied every time I've played it before this, basically on Tiger Woods Golf. So, you know, set my standards high.
But I had a great round today, great start. If I could just have that one swing back, that would be great.

Q. What was that swing, a tee shot?
ALEX PRUGH: A tee shot. Caught it off the toe pretty good. Trying to hit a draw and catch it off the toe. Makes it even more of a hook and it just went in the water.

Q. How does it feel?
ALEX PRUGH: Oh, it's a great feeling. You always like seeing yourself on top of the leaderboard whether it's a Nationwide Tour event, Reno-Tahoe Open or THE PLAYERS. Every time you play well, it feels good.

Q. Is this a course that you felt comfortable on immediately?
ALEX PRUGH: I definitely felt comfortable on it. Fortunately it's not one of the tightest courses off the tee, and there's definitely a bunch of holes that favor a draw. And I like to hit a little rope-a-dope hook out there every once in a while. So a lot of the holes fit my eye.

Q. You said you played a couple practice rounds this week with Ricky, and you got up early. Was there something in the practice rounds that kind of clicked and made you realize you can play this course pretty well?
ALEX PRUGH: Fortunately in the practice rounds it seems like I hit every single green and most all the fairways. From there just got comfortable with the course, and you hear people and you see it every year and you hear people talk about it. You know, basically the guts of the course are the last couple holes. You hope to birdie 16 every day, and if you can survive 17 and 18, you've done pretty good.
There are a lot of holes that you can have birdie on the rest of the course. I think you can play the par-5's under par which are very scorable, and that is what I did today.

Q. Talk about 17, what number you hit, and what the wind might have been doing at that point?
ALEX PRUGH: The wind hadn't been doing anything all day. And then we step up there and feel a couple little gusts into it, and fortunately the water was showing that as well. So we got it out. It was 120 front edge, so 124 pin. Normally that's a perfect wedge. But it's still early in the morning, and the one place to error is not about five yards short.
So I ended up pulling 9-iron just a nice little chip 9-iron with wind hurting it a little, and you have a backstop there on that front pin. I hit it how I wanted to and it ended up being just pin high however many feet just to the right. Pretty good swinging putt. But right when I hit it, I knew I hit it online, so...

Q. Did you hit it behind and it came back?
ALEX PRUGH: It actually came back maybe a foot or two. Didn't spin too much. Like I was saying, I was chipping a 9 so there wasn't a ton of spin on it as there was. So out of the water, and you know good to go.

Q. As a rookie, every week is a new course for you. But this week you mentioned playing this a lot on Tiger Woods on the video game. Did you watch this on TV? Do you feel like you know the course a little better?
ALEX PRUGH: A little bit. Realistically there are a lot of holes when you watch TV that you never see. Generally the entire front nine, you never see a hole out of those holes. You get a couple holes here and there maybe if you're watching every second of coverage.
You kind of get a feel for it in Tiger Woods. Some breaks, some places not to be. If you have a tough up-and-down on that game, you know not to be there in real life because it's even that much worse. But fortunately there are a lot of holes out here that just fit my eye. It's just another golf course, and it's pretty straightforward. No tricks to it thus far.

Q. Are the video games getting that realistic that it can replicate what goes on out here?
ALEX PRUGH: A little bit. Minus the fact that a couple of my drives that I hit on the video games were about 100 yards past where you're hitting it out here. You almost drive the first green, at least the version that I have.
There are a couple par-5's that you're like on oh yeah, you've got to keep it left of the tree on No. 11, which is where you hit your lay-up to, not your driver. But for the most part it's getting more and more realistic. I mean, I'm not going to say it's a great way to play a practice round, but it's at least a way to entertain yourself and familiarize yourself with the course.

Q. Poulter said that's how he got to be familiar with the course, doing the same thing.
ALEX PRUGH: Yeah, they're getting better and better.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
ALEX PRUGH: Did I expect to make my 30-footer or something on the first hole? No. But I put a good roll on it, and fortunately that right lip just extended itself. Fortunately I had a couple par-5's. I just knew if I played the par-5's well and under par, just kind of not scrape it around the rest of the course, but get around, make some pars, you know, 4-under is not a bad round.

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