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May 6, 2010

Charley Hoffman


Q. 4-under, just talk about the day a little bit.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Got off to a good par save on 1, then hit it tight on 2 for eagle. And knocked in about a four- or five-footer for 2. So obviously got off to a good start. And birdied 4. So I was 3-under after 4 and just kind of kept it going. Made a little sloppy bogey on 7, and then got it back on 9 with a birdie.
The back nine, pretty steady. Didn't make anything, and then birdied 16 and 17 to keep the round together.

Q. Charley, you play this course pretty well. One hole, one tournament. You throw that out, and you played this course pretty well, haven't you?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: All in all I like this golf course. I usually like playing in the wind. I play pretty well in the wind. So it usually blows wind one or two or more of the days out here. Besides the first hole, the first year I've played out here I've done all right.

Q. Do you ever have nightmares about that hole?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, but every time I tee it up, I know -- it was 9, wasn't it? 9 on 10, first PLAYERS Championship I ever teed it up on I made a 9. So we brought it up during the practice round. Some bad luck, but definitely think about it.

Q. What did you do?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I hit it a little left. Had a bad lie in the bunker. Tried to pitch it out, thinned it. Went into a palm frond, never found it. Dropped it again, tried to hit it out toward the green. This time hit a palm tree that was on thin of the bunker, went back left, and almost in the water left. You probably would never know there was water left over there. So from there, just chipped it back out, and all that added up to a 9.

Q. That was your learning curve. Everything since then has been okay, right?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Learned to keep it right on 10.

Q. How has your progression been this year to this week? Do you have some things that you need to work on or some things that you need to see happen?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's pretty self-explanatory. Horrible. Got off to a bad start on the West Coast, which I usually play well at, and that's where I usually make most of my money. Had a wrist injury that sidelined me for on -- probably should have took seven weeks off. I wouldn't say I forced the Waste Management tournament, but they're one of my major sponsors, so I went on out and played there. Didn't really play at all after that.
Tried to go back to Puerto Rico a little quick, then I was off for five straight weeks after that until New Orleans. Everything's feeling good. Had to give it rest. I mean, I played great. The last two weeks I just haven't put four rounds together for the most part. Putted pretty good in New Orleans, and then didn't putt worth a darn last week. And it seems like today put them both together.

Q. Talk about Waste Management.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, Waste Management came to me a few years ago. I wear green on Thursday, Footjoy gloves, green slacks and green shoes. For Waste Management, Keep America Beautiful, Help Recycle, and just the awareness of Waste Management, what they do to give back to the environment.

Q. Green sunglasses?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Green sunglasses.

Q. Was the injury a particular shot?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, the wrist was I started feeling it at Pebble Beach more than anything, L.A., Pebble, started getting sore. Don't know what happened, just one of those things, overworked.

Q. Did you get a cortisone shot?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, I didn't. I was leaning away from that. I was almost going to do it at the end of my rehab that I did for five weeks because I wasn't getting any better. But it all loosened up by the time I came back out. I wanted to play Hilton Head, but I obviously didn't get back for that. And I have not had any cortisone.

Q. What are your thoughts when you look at the draw and you're first off the tee?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: My thought is my alarm's going to go off at 4:30 in the morning and I'm going to be real tired. But I mean, it's part of the gig.
Fortunately the last few years I've been in the champions category so I haven't had that first off time so you get a little sleep. But I was tired this morning. I got here early at 5:15.

Q. Did you go to bed earlier knowing that or did you keep the normal routine?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, I had a few guys over last night for Mexican food. Timmy Clark came over, and Luke Donald, we have a big old house, barbecued for Cinco de Mayo. We went to bed about 9:30 or so.

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