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May 29, 2003

Brenden Pappas


BRENDEN PAPPAS: There are some things on the front, No. 7, the par-5, I hit it right in the middle of the green. I hit the green in 2 and putted for birdie. I hit the pin right back in the middle. It's an accessible pin. No. 10 is accessible, back level. 11, you don't want to mess with that one too much. 12 I hit a 9-iron straight over the flag about 8 foot and the pin is in the right back. I'm not going to admit that I pushed it a couple of yards. I was surprised to see it so early in the week

Q. How was 17 for you, a new hole?

BRENDEN PAPPAS: I haven't played it yet before. It was new for me. As far as the play-ability of the hole, I walked the course a couple of times during the tournament before and it's just tough as nails now. It's less perfect for me with my 2 shot, 260 over the left bunker and 300 to the other bunker, so I can slide a 3-wood in there perfect as far as distance is concerned. It's the biggest fairway on the golf course. You want to keep it left so you get a good angle to the green.

Q. You hit a 7-iron?

BRENDEN PAPPAS: I hit a 7-iron.

Q. (Inaudible)

BRENDEN PAPPAS: You play it a couple of times. Obviously they are new greens this year. He came out on Tuesday, helping us with putting. We talked about the strategy involved going around the golf course.

Q. It feels kind of like a home?

BRENDEN PAPPAS: Yes, it feels like a home course. I am staying with my brother, eating home cooked meals every night. It's fantastic.

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