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May 1, 2010

J.J. Henry


Q. The bogey at 18, that's such a tough hole.
J.J. HENRY: That was actually my only bogey of the day. But obviously it's a tough golf course. It really felt like I hit the ball really well, a bit maybe timid around the greens. The greens were so fast and undulating that even when you hit some good shots, 15, 20 feet from the hole, it's not quite the aggressive stroke that sometimes you'd like to put on it.
Again, I'm still probably -- I don't know what the lead is, but maybe a couple back or whatever going into tomorrow, and I feel like I'm playing really well. I'll continue to do what I did and hit some good shots and give myself chances, hopefully make a couple more tomorrow and see what happens.

Q. The course has been getting tougher and tougher it seems as the week has progressed. What are you expecting out here tomorrow?
J.J. HENRY: Probably much the same. I think it's supposed to be a little bit hotter tomorrow, maybe a little more humid. The greens might get a little more crusty and baked out. It puts more of a premium obviously on the ball-striking and where to hit it, and I think that's really kind of my strength, if you will, is my ball-striking. So if I continue to hit the ball like I did today, hopefully I'll have a chance.

Q. Talk about your round a little bit.
J.J. HENRY: I actually played really solid. Unfortunately just one bogey on the last hole, but obviously it's a very tough golf hole. But hit the ball really well all day. As the course baked out a little bit, the greens got pretty fast, and even when you hit good shots 15, 20 feet from the hole, a lot of times you're still kind of in defensive mode, if you will. But all in all, obviously I hit the ball really well. I'm excited about the way I played and should give me a chance for tomorrow.

Q. You're in position to make a run tomorrow.
J.J. HENRY: Absolutely. In position really with nothing to lose, too. It's not like I'm going to be sleeping on the lead, looks like probably a couple shots back. I like my spot. If I can get off to a good start tomorrow and make a couple birdies early, we'll kind of see what happens coming in.

Q. Talk about how tough that finish is, those three holes.
J.J. HENRY: Well, especially 16 and 17 are into the wind a little bit today, too, and off the right, which for me is a little bit of a hard shot. Of course 18 is -- you've got to hit a great drive, a great second shot, and even once you get on the green there's a lot of slope and it's a pretty tough putt.
You know, I think by far probably the three -- probably the three toughest stretch of holes we play all year, and kind of what makes it so exciting, I think the back nine. There's some birdie holes in there with 14 and 15, or even an eagle on 15 and you're just trying to hold your breath and hold it coming in on 16, 17 and 18.

Q. The way the course is setting up right now, is there a possibility of somebody going low tomorrow?
J.J. HENRY: Well, looks like most of the low scores were obviously in the morning, which actually makes sense. The golf course is a little bit more receptive. The greens are probably a little bit better, not quite as baked out and not quite as firm. You might see more of that tomorrow. If a guy gets hot early and posts a number, especially with the last three holes, it could be tough to beat.

Q. Are these the toughest three holes on TOUR for a regular TOUR event, non-major?
J.J. HENRY: I think so. I think it's an absolutely great setup. I've always loved this golf course. With looking at all the scores, if you play well, you can shoot a really good score, and if you don't you're not going to play well and you're going to shoot something high like we saw the first really three days. In my opinion that's what really makes it a great golf course, the fact that there are really low scores, you can shoot a good round, but at the same time there's definitely some birdie holes out there with the reachable par-5s and some short par-4s that if you put yourself in a good spot you can make a putt.

Q. Looking ahead tomorrow, do you have a strategy or a game plan?
J.J. HENRY: No, like I said, I've been hitting the ball well all week. Again, to really play this golf course this afternoon and really only make one bogey I think is -- I don't think I really missed many greens to be honest with you, for that matter that many fairways. To hit the ball like I did, I've just got to make a few more putts tomorrow, and if I do, hopefully I'll have a shot.

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