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April 30, 2010

Ted Schultz


Q. Where were you when you were notified, and what were your plans?
TED SCHULZ: I was over at the Monday qualifier. I had a feeling I was close, so I was gonna come over here and see. I knew I was first alternate, so I just was driving over Tuesday morning thinking somebody would hopefully withdraw at some point.
Then Paul did so I found out right away, which was nice.

Q. When did you get your first chance to see the golf course? Did you come right over?
TED SCHULZ: Monday. Played nine holes Monday night after the -- you know, later in the day.

Q. Any highlights from the round today?
TED SCHULZ: No. I mean, it was just pretty steady. Nothing really huge. Just made some birdies. I think I had five birdies and two bogeys. Bogeyed the first hole; buried it in the bunker.
Then I hit a great shot on 17 with a 5-iron about 15 feet and just got too aggressive with my first putt and left a little tricky one and missed a little dinky come-backer.

Q. You had a string of birdies there: 2 and then 3.
TED SCHULZ: Yeah, yeah. On the back nine, I had a good stretch of holes there where I birdied 11, 12, 13.

Q. Were they bombs, or were you hitting it real close?
TED SCHULZ: No. Let's see, 11 I made about a 12-footer. Driver and a sand wedge -- or 3-wood sand wedge.
And then 12, hit a 3-wood off the tee again. Hit a 9-iron about six inches, so that was close. Almost went in. That was a highlight, I would say.
And then the par-5 I hit a poor drive and had to pitch out. Hit an 8-iron in there about 25 feet and made that. So kind of a different way to make it, but birdied that hole.
Then next three holes I had birdie putts and they all lipped out. I think that's what led to my -- I hit it too hard on 17 because I was a little frustrated from missing the other ones. You can't do that.

Q. So you went from not bing here and maybe having no expectations because you were someplace else to sitting here at -3 saying, Hey wait a minute. I'm gonna get a pretty nice check.
TED SCHULZ: Yeah, well, hopefully I'll have a chance to win if I can play good tomorrow. Need to win to get my status a little better.

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