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April 30, 2010

Jim Furyk


Q. Jim, 65 today. You really moved up.
JIM FURYK: Just got on a great run. I knew the wind was going to blow this afternoon. I knew I'd probably need to get off to a good start today to get back in the golf tournament, first and foremost, make the cut. I was pretty far back.
I birdied five of the first six, was on a roll, and played really solid the rest of the day. I had one little slip-up bogey on 16, but really felt like I hit the ball very well and gave myself a lot of opportunities, and I rolled the putter well all day.

Q. Talk about your confidence. You've won twice this year, won this tournament before. That 75 had to shock you yesterday.
JIM FURYK: I was disappointed obviously, but I got out there in a little bit of a funk with my golf swing. I think I only hit half the fairways. I just was never in a good position to be honest with you. I hit the ball poorly yesterday and then wasn't able to make putts here and there to keep myself in the round.
I went to the range yesterday, hit balls for about 40 minutes after the round last night, had a real good session. I was actually very excited last night. I called my dad just to kind of check in with what I was doing with my swing and was really excited about how I hit it on the range yesterday, and I was hoping to be able to take it to the course today.

Q. Finally, thoughts going into the weekend?
JIM FURYK: You never know what can happen. 4-under will be in earshot.

Q. Are you happy with your round today?
JIM FURYK: I really am. I played solid. I got off to a quick start this morning and still feel like I played solid the whole day, just birdies were a little tougher to come by as the day wore on, as the wind got a little stronger and the greens got a little bit quicker. I was happy.
I really was disappointed in my round yesterday. I really struggled with my ball-striking. I had a good session last night, really felt good, felt confident about the way I was hitting it last night on the range and was able to take that to the course today and of course knock in a couple putts here and there, and all of a sudden birdieing five of the last six I got myself back in.

Q. Phil was talking yesterday about how there's a lot of birdies and bogeys out there. Obviously your first two rounds can attest to that. Can you give an example of the birdies and the bogeys, the differences out there on this course?
JIM FURYK: The greens are very severe here. You can play aggressively and give yourself an opportunity for birdie, but it's not -- a couple yards here and there, and the ball rolling off the hill, and it's an easy bogey. I think the severity of the greens out here, a lot can happen, and there isn't a big difference between a good and a bad shot at times.

Q. Talk about your season overall.
JIM FURYK: I'm obviously pleased. I've only played eight events. I have two wins already. You know, probably didn't have the greatest West Coast, didn't play all that well, and got back to the Florida Swing, started playing well, was able to win in Tampa, and I guess the one disappointment really is missing the cut at Augusta. But other than that just really pleased. It's relaxed me a little bit.
I feel like I'm relaxed, but no reason to stop now. If I hit a bad shot here or there, I think -- or if I have a bad round like yesterday, it's a little easier to forget about it and move on, realizing that I've already played well this year, and the rest of the year is still ahead of me.

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