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April 30, 2010

J.J. Henry


Q. I know it was a tough way to finish with a bogey there at 18, but after your second shot, really the option when you pulled out the wedge was pretty amazing to watch.
J.J. HENRY: Yeah, I'll tell you. It's obviously a really difficult hole. The last three holes are extremely tough. A little bittersweet, but I played great. I would have obviously liked to have made that putt on the last hole. But to be within striking distance -- obviously the golf course isn't getting any easier, that's for sure. It's windy and tricky. Just a great golf course, a great test. You've got a lot of good shots, and when you do, you can be rewarded. I did that the first three days.
I feel like my game is really coming around. I'm starting to play better, been working hard the last three weeks or so. This always seems to be the time of year where I seem to -- I seem to be a slow starter, slow out of the gate, and I've always played my best spring, summer and beyond, so I'm really looking forward to kind of what lies ahead here.

Q. You're also one of the first players we've had a chance to talk to since we came on the air live today. Can you tell us about what you think the rest of the field is going to face on this golf course this afternoon?
J.J. HENRY: Well, it's extremely difficult. Obviously the greens are very fast and a lot of undulations. There are a lot of times where even if you hit a good shot to 15 feet, you're almost in the defense mode just trying to get it close down the hill. At the same time, you've got to take advantage of the par-5s.
I want to say the golf course might be set up a little bit easier than yesterday. Some of the tees are up and such, but at the same time the wind has picked up a little bit, too. All in all, I think you'll probably see a little higher scores than you did yesterday, but at the same time, if you do play well, you can definitely shoot a good score.

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