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April 29, 2010

Geoff Ogilvy


GEOFF OGILVY: I played quite nicely. It was a little good stuff and bad stuff. I played the last six holes really well. I think I had four birdies in the last six holes. And 17 was a birdie; that was a big bonus.
I birdied the weird holes today. I birdied three of the par-3s and I didn't birdie a par-5, which is not the normal, I guess.
It was nice; we had the course gentle this morning. It was really, really cold; it was only 40 degrees when we teed off, but it warmed up pretty quick. You hit nice shots out there and you've got putts from under the hole, you can make a lot of putts. The greens are perfect. If you miss a few shots and you're missing them above the hole, it's a really, really tricky golf course. It's the sort of course that if you're playing well it doesn't seem too hard, and if you hit a couple of loose shots, all of a sudden it seems really, really hard. It's kind of a bit like a major in that respect. It separates the field pretty quickly, I think.
Anything under par today I would have been quite happy with, but to birdie the last four out of six holes was great.

Q. Did you say you birdied 17?

Q. Did that feel like more than a stroke or more than just a birdie on an average par-3?
GEOFF OGILVY: It's nice because the two other guys I played with both made 5, and it's really easy to make 5 even if you don't hit that bad a shot. It's a really hard hole. It's obviously probably -- I assume it's the hardest hole out here traditionally maybe. It's probably one of the hardest par-3s out here anyway. Long iron to a green that if you pitch it too far off the green it can go over the back really easy, and short is obviously water and left is water and right you can't get it up-and-down. Tough hole.
As I said, it's pretty nice conditions at the moment. If you want to play 17 at any time, playing it 15 minutes ago was pretty nice. But yeah, a birdie is a bonus for sure.

Q. How would you assess this place as a major championship venue?
GEOFF OGILVY: Definitely major championship caliber. Like I was saying, they're greens like you would normally see at a major; when you're under the hole you've got a chance; when you're above the hole you're really bad. I mean, I don't know how many majors you guys have been to -- you've been in enough majors. It feels like a major, doesn't it? Look at the putting green Thursday lunchtime, that doesn't happen every week. This is a really well-attended tournament by players and fans.
It's a course that feels like a step above challenge-wise, I guess. Even in good conditions with short rough it's still a really big challenge. So I think if we all turned up here and had a U.S. Open or a PGA, we'd all be -- it would feel like a normal U.S. Open or a PGA. It does feel like a major kind of place.

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