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April 29, 2010

Paul Goydos


Q. It was the back nine where you really started getting it going out there. Tell me about first your round but then the back nine especially.
PAUL GOYDOS: Yeah, I was kind of just puttering along, bogey-free, and then actually I holed it on 8 from about 75 for 2 to get from over par to under par, which is a good thing, and made a good par at 9.
And then played really solid on the back. I made a good birdie on 10, a good birdie on 11, hung in there and then chipped in on 16. A lot of good things happened, which is what you need to do on a golf course like this.

Q. Tell me about that chip-in on 16.
PAUL GOYDOS: I kind of knew missing it over there would be all right. Somebody said actually the middle of the green is the hardest place to hit it, probably the worst place. I had a good line and a straightforward chip, and got lucky and it rolled in.

Q. Tell me about this golf course. Even with the rain that we got late Tuesday night, it seems to be still playing really firm and fast.
PAUL GOYDOS: Definitely is. The greens are definitely holding a little better, thank God, but it's a very stout test right now. The green speeds are Augusta-like if not even quicker. I would say by the weekend birdies are going to be a well-earned commodity.

Q. Part of your game that you're happiest with?
PAUL GOYDOS: My scoring. I scored very well today. I haven't been doing that. I've probably shot 70 or 71 and haven't been scoring, but today some good things happened, and hopefully that will continue. I like it when I don't have to putt.

Q. Nice steady round, a few birdies, a nice eagle.
PAUL GOYDOS: Yeah, very nice eagle. Eagles are always nice. That's probably what kick-started the round. I was kind of puttering and meandering and then I holed it on 8 from about 75 yards, and it gave me just a little bit of a spark, and then I made a good par on 9 after an indifferent chip, and then played pretty solidly on the back nine. A couple squirrelly shots, but for the most part played pretty good.
And then capped it off chipping in on 16 for another birdie. So it was a combination of some pretty good play but also a lot of good breaks.

Q. Getting off to a good start at this place has got to be a nice feeling in terms of the mental game.
PAUL GOYDOS: Well, I don't think that's really only at this place. I think it's good to get off to a good start everywhere, quite frankly, in the morning. Yeah, it's a hard golf course. Again, I was 1-over par after seven holes, which isn't horrible. The golf course is going to play tough. It's going to yield a couple birdies but you're going to see a lot of bogeys. It's a hard golf course. Any time you can break par here, you've done your job for the day.

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