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April 29, 2010

Billy Mayfair


Q. I know it's a tough way to finish with a bogey there on 18, but it certainly speaks to how difficult the finishing holes out here are.
BILLY MAYFAIR: Yeah, they are. I mean, I played them even par. I think if you play them even par through the week, you're probably going to have a pretty good week. I probably should have hit 3-wood off of 18 instead of driver just to get it in play and get a shot and a look at a birdie putt. You live and learn, and I was trying to play aggressive. One of those deals.
I had a great day, drove it real well and a lot of good iron shots, and I played very well.

Q. You're one of the first players we've had a chance to talk to since we went on the air live today. Tell us how the golf course is playing, and what should the afternoon bring?
BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, the wind is down a little bit, so I think you're going to see a lot of good shots. It's still going to be hard to make a lot of putts. They've got some great pin placements out there and the greens are really quick. So I think you'll see some good shots. It's playing, I think, a little bit shorter right now. It's warm out and it's drying out, so the golf course is playing a little short. But it's going to come down to who can make the most putts.

Q. You Monday qualified this week. What's it like to come out and post a good round here in the first round?
BILLY MAYFAIR: Well, yeah, I played good last week. I played good on the weekend in New Orleans and flew from New Orleans on Monday night -- I mean Monday morning and flew into here, got here at noon and teed off at 12:54 and went out and shot a 65 and felt real confident, so I just kind of let that momentum keep going.

Q. 26 putts today; are you pretty confident on these greens here? They're pretty nice greens.
BILLY MAYFAIR: They are nice greens. They're true greens, but you've got to hit them on the perfect line and perfect speed to make a putt.
It was a little bit chilly this morning, but got off to a good start, birdied the first hole and made no bogeys all day except for 18. So real happy. Like I said, I drove the ball real well for a lot of fairways and made the putts I was supposed to make, and when I wasn't close to the hole I two-putted, which you have to do out here.

Q. How pleased were you to get into this event?
BILLY MAYFAIR: I was thrilled to death. To be honest, my wife Tammy probably spurred me on more than anything. We got done Sunday night and missed our flight out of New Orleans, and we had a flight here Monday, got to the airport at noon and teed off at 12:56 -- actually 12:45 on Monday, and Tammy caddied for me and we shot 5-under and got in, so I'm thrilled to be here.

Q. The shot at 17, tell us about the birdie there.
BILLY MAYFAIR: The birdie, I had 210 to the hole, hit a good little 3-iron, just kind of kept it a little right of the hole and fortunately had the perfect distance, and J.D., my caddie, has been reading the greens beautiful this week. He used to caddie here, so he knows them real well, and he told me where to hit it, and I hit perfect spot and it went right in the heart.

Q. With the course being a little bit softer, are conditions pretty ripe out there?
BILLY MAYFAIR: No, the golf course is still a little bit soft. It's drying out, but the biggest thing is the wind is not blowing right now, so I think you'll see some good -- I don't think you'll see a lot of real low, low scores, but I think you'll see a lot of good scores.

Q. Talk about New Orleans. Play was cancelled Sunday?
BILLY MAYFAIR: No, I missed my flight. I couldn't get to it in time, and my wife made a 6:00 a.m. flight, so I got up at 3:00 a.m. for a 12:45 tee time. Probably the earliest I've ever gotten up. Got a flight from New Orleans to Atlanta and Atlanta to here and got to the airport a little before noon and got to the golf course, warmed up, went out and played, so I was real happy.

Q. You landed at noon and were on the course at 12:45?
BILLY MAYFAIR: 12:45 we were on the tee. We didn't cut it as close as it sounds, but we weren't given -- I would have liked to have had a little more time, that's for sure.

Q. You shot 65?

Q. Were you on fumes pretty much?
BILLY MAYFAIR: I think I was still riding the high from the week. I played pretty well in New Orleans; I played good on the weekend. Monday qualifier, you just fire at the pins and try and make as many birdies as you can, and you don't worry about making bogeys.

Q. How long did you have to warm up on that qualifier?
BILLY MAYFAIR: We had probably about 30 minutes. I mean, we hit a few balls, got rid of the airplane swing and hit a few putts, and off we went.

Q. What was the airline? Do they deserve a medal for getting your bags off the plane?
BILLY MAYFAIR: It was Delta Airlines, and our bags were the first four bags off, so they took good care of me, absolutely.

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