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April 25, 2010

Elena Dementieva

Alla Kudryavtseva

Shamil Tarpischev


6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Elena, what was your thought going into doubles? I know that your preference would have been that doubles would have been meaningless. Talk about your mindset going into doubles.
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, in this case we had no choice. It was not my decision to go and play this doubles match. You know, unfortunately there are only three players on our team. I was trying to do my best.
I did everything I could, but I couldn't do, I guess -- I guess I couldn't win all the matches, so...

Q. Shamil, can you talk about your thoughts on this weekend.
CAPTAIN TARPISCHEV: (Through translation.) Shamil is saying it's almost the same as he experienced about a week ago, when we were sitting in Russia waiting for the flights and there were no flights available because of the volcano. Same feeling: expectation.
But, once again, he's saying unfortunately we have no time to prepare for the game and he wish all the best to the United States team in the final. There's obviously a next time. It was just because we didn't have enough time to prepare right.

Q. If you were thinking about should the tie go to the doubles, were you thinking you might be the slight underdog, given the U.S. had two high-ranked doubles players?
ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, in this situation, we only three players. We didn't have a chance to even practice doubles combination. Simple as that, you know. So it's very hard to go into the doubles match, which is going to be the deciding game for us, without any practice, playing against No. 1 in doubles. Liezel, and Bethanie is high ranked in the doubles combination.
Yeah, we were hoping to win the singles match and not to go into the doubles. But, yeah, unfortunately it didn't happen this way.

Q. Shamil, Ted Robinson, the announcer for the Tennis Channel, looked at you and said you kept the same composure for the last two days. I saw you after the match congratulate our players and wave to fans and the crowd. How important is it to have that image as the coach of the Russian team?
CAPTAIN TARPISCHEV: (Through translation.) Shamil is saying that he become the captain in 1974, the first year. He enjoy from the day. He continue to do in spite of some other jobs. This is his hobby and his heart.
Shamil is saying that he's trying to be philosophical about it because he said that we have a lot of good potential, good players. We have about 13 players who took part in the Fed Cup for the last several years. But for the young players, it's a good practice, good beginning. That's what the game is all about.
We want to see new people coming in, new players coming in. They enjoying it. He wants to see new players come in and play.
He's saying the disadvantage for us this year, we've been playing out. We didn't play home the whole Fed Cup. Next year we'll play home all the games and we'll do much better.

Q. Elena, you said you didn't have much time to prepare. Is this the first time you ever walked on the court and played doubles with Alla?

Q. Alla, you mentioned being nervous yesterday. How were your nerves in doubles tonight?
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA: I was much less nervous today in doubles to be honest with you. They just played so well. Liezel is No. 1 player in the world. They did a great job. It was tough. We never played together. They played together quite a bit. They had experience to play the deciding doubles.
Honestly, I don't think I was very nervous today going into the doubles. That didn't reflect on the result.

Q. You didn't look nervous.
ALLA KUDRYAVTSEVA: I did not? Okay, thank you. I tried to keep my composure.

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