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April 25, 2010

Oliver Fisher


OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, it was good. I actually played all right. I didn't get off to a great start. Made a good up-and-down on the first, and played the second poorly, but from then on in I played nice -- saying that, holed a couple of great putts on 4, and birdied 5 and 6 -- no, birdied 5 and 6, so that kind of turned it around a little bit. Made a poor bogey on 8 with a wedge in my hands so that was a bit frustrating. Birdied 9. Had a good chance on 10, which I missed the green just right with a 2-iron, so missed a chance there.
From there in to 18, I played pretty well really. It was a good week and I think it gets me in next week at the moment so that's good.

Q. There was a moment when you were really pushing up there, albeit that you would have needed the leaders to slip back a bit?
OLIVER FISHER: A day like today, it looks like Markus, doesn't realise he's had a bogey -- the thing with it is it's windy but it's like a 20-yard wind, so you have to think of so many numbers, if you like, and you're hitting a 6-iron where you should be hitting a 4-iron and vice versa.
It's tricky. But I think the course has played very fair. They set it up well. The greens have been good, they can't set it up too quick here because it can get really windy and the fairways, the course has been set up very fairly. It was a good week. I'm pleased.

Q. Some trip to Asia for you, because China was terrific when you were not going to be here originally.
OLIVER FISHER: I guess I got a bit lucky really with the break that I got into this week obviously because of the ash that and back home. Fortunate enough, I played well, so it's been worthwhile.

Q. You've pretty much got your card for next season.
OLIVER FISHER: Yeah, playing next week, obviously if I have a good week there, that will secure it for sure. Pretty pleased with that. I would have taken that come January. I'm pleased.

Q. If you consider the way last season worked out and having to drop down a level, albeit that you played well at The Challenge Tour events that you played, you probably wouldn't have expected quite this soon to get back to this level, would you?
OLIVER FISHER: No, but -- well, I know I can play -- I know the standard that I can play and it was a frustrating year for me last year but just a matter of plowing on and keep grinding it out and keep trying and not giving up. Hopefully it's starting to turn around, so I'm pleased.

Q. I meant purely in terms of timing, not ability, because we all expected you to come back up; I know you expected it yourself, but to have it almost wrapped up by April --
OLIVER FISHER: It's been a good start. Hopefully we can set some different goals now. I don't know where I am in The Race to Dubai, Top-30 or 35, but you have a couple of good weeks and you almost make the Race to Dubai if you have a good in. That will be the goal, see if I have a good week next week and then crack on from there.

Q. You're such a young, fit lad, I hesitate to that ask this, but are you feeling tired after a long run of events and travelling the world?
OLIVER FISHER: It's been three weeks and the travel is a big thing. You know, the conditions last week were windy; Madeira was pretty windy. But my game is in good shape and I'm working on a lot of things and it's good. I'm happy with things it.

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