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April 25, 2010

Jeff Overton


MARK WILLIAMS: Jeff Overton, thanks for joining us. Probably a difficult one for you. Bogey-free today. You played absolutely spectacular. 66, couple shots off the lead. Obviously Jason played particularly well, too. Just give us your thoughts on the week. Obviously your best finish, your career best on the tour.
JEFF OVERTON: This week was a great week. Hat's off. My hat is off to Jason. He played unbelievably well this weekend.
I had a fun week. I let a few putts slip by. I've been working my putting a lot, working on my short game. My bunker play really was improved this week. That's all I worked on pretty much the last two weeks back home. We have a pretty cool practice facility back there at Indiana, and just sat there and hit a lot of bunker shots.
Got up-and-down a few times from some tough spots. Changed drivers, and the driver -- I think I gained four and a half miles per hour on my ball speed, so it was going another 20 yards. Which was awesome, because you could kind of hit it past a lot of the trouble out there.
I played great, and my hat is off to Jason. He played unbelievably well.

Q. What do you say to a guy, wasn't that you did anything wrong finishing in the stretch. This guy just hit lights outcoming down the stretch?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I don't know. I'd like to see his stats for the week. Other than the first hole yesterday, I don't think he missed a putt inside of 10 or 12 feet. I know all weekend, I'd like to see for the other couple days.
But he made everything. Even 20 footers. You know, it came down to it, he made more putts than I did.

Q. When you hit that approach shot at 18, you could see where it landed, what's going through your mind?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I mean, I knew I had to hit some kind of a draw with that sidehill lie. It's kind of a dangerous shot. But I got to go for the win.
I'm thinking I hit it on there, and I'm like wow, this is no easy shot for him anyway coming in there downwind. If he catches it just a little bit pure, a little flight or something, he could easily knock it over.
I'm sitting there thinking even if he hits it on there, hopefully I can roll this thing in there and really let the crowd have some fun and go play a playoff. But he stuck it in there and almost made it and there wasn't a chance.

Q. You guys always say you tip your hat when they make a shot like that. Is that what went through your mind? Tip your hat to him?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I mean, the final four holes there, he birdied two of the last four holes -- three of the last four holes. So we were all square going into the last four, and I let a couple putts slide over the hole, and maybe short -- maybe got a little quick with my putter on a couple of putts just because I wanted it so much. I'm not used to having that adrenaline going through the system.
Other than that, I mean, I played great. He played awesome.

Q. That was a great shot you had on 17. All week that's been a really difficult hole. Could you just talk through that tee shot only because there is a pretty strong wind that was cutting through there?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, after missing the putt on the previous hole I'm down two. And I'm like, man, I've got to hit something close here. And I hit a 6-iron. It was down off the right. And I was like if I just put it over to the right and hit a little draw, it should land right in the bank. Kill it and it should feed right down in there.
It did exactly what I wanted it to do. It just didn't land hard enough when I hit it, and it came up 12 feet short.

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