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April 25, 2010

Troy Merritt


Q. We normally don't say things like feast or famine, but we're going to have to say that for you. It it's been a lot of famine. And as skinny as you are, it's definitely been famine, but you came out this week and just put it on them. What happened? This is the Troy Merritt we saw last year at Q-school.
TROY MERRITT: You know what, it was. I tweaked a couple things early in the week. I thought about what was going on, what I wasn't doing right. And basically what it came down to was it was all in my head. Not committing to the shots that I wanted to hit. I was half committing to the shots that people were expecting me to hit.
So I came out this week really focused on playing my game how I always played it. As far as the putter goes, I slowed my tempo down just a little bit from the backstroke, and it helped me really control pace, get the ball online. As a result, I had no three-putts this week. Made a lot of putts including a lot of 25-foot putts.

Q. That's fantastic. We see that a lot with guys the first time they get out here. All the Tour trucks, the new toys and everything that's going on, it's easy to get out of your game, isn't it?
TROY MERRITT: Absolutely. For me it was just a big learning curve. I started off the season so well, I think I got it in my head that this is easy. It definitely isn't easy. Don't let anybody ever tell you it's easy out here. And I had to change my mental approach, and it worked out this week.

Q. You say it's not easy, but that stretch of holes, 7 through 11, birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie, birdie. There had to be a part of you that said, Oh, come on man?
TROY MERRITT: It's fun when you're making a lot of red numbers especially when they're back to back to back to back to back. Yeah, I was having fun with it. When you're having fun, you tend to make a lot better golf swings and the ball finds the hole more often.

Q. Talk about the down stretch there where you were really finding some low numbers?
TROY MERRITT: Yeah, I came off a 4-iron shot on 6. Made the bogey, obviously. I never got too worried about it. Didn't get upset or anything. I knew if I continued to make good golf swings, my putter was great the whole week. I knew I could make a lot of birdies.
I hit a great tee shot on 7, didn't hit a great eagle putt, but had a tap-in birdie. Played aggressively. When I'm playing well, I like to play aggressive and I hit driver on 8 and was able to hole up about 35, 40 yards which was nice.
And rolled in a nice double breaker on 9. That hole owed me a bit. Sixth time I've played it and first time I hit the green.
Rolled in a really, really good putt on 10 for birdie. Then I got away with my second shot on 11 and got it all the way on the green and made a nice two-putt for birdie.

Q. Whatever happens today, this is the best tournament for you so far, right?
TROY MERRITT: Absolutely. Knowing that there's about 13 guys that won't come in and beat me.

Q. Obviously you've done all you can do, what are your thought?
TROY MERRITT: I can't worry about it. Like you said, I did all I can do. I made some birdies, made a couple bogies today. Fired a good number. Posted a low score with just a couple groups left.
If they come in and beat me, they beat me. They played more consistent than I did this week. I just kind of got hot in stretches.
14 under is a really good golf score. If you had told me I'd shoot 14 under at the beginning of the week, I'd have taken it any day.

Q. Talk about 18?
TROY MERRITT: I definitely didn't want to hit right in the water off the tee. My miss is usually right especially when it's a left-right wind. So I tried to take it up the left side, drive it up the left side. Hit it dead straight into the bunker. Drew a side hill lie, and my ball was sitting down in the hole.
I tried to take the water out of play again and take an over route. Even though I didn't think I could hit it over, I was just trying to make a smart play. And sting a 4-iron down there with just a little bit of a cut, and if it rolls up on to the front of the green on the right, that's fine. Bet if it gets in that front bunker, half the time I got it up and down out of there.
I hit a decent bunker shot about three yards short of where I wanted to, and came about four feet short or so. And just didn't hit a good putt.

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