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April 25, 2010

John Cook

Joey Sindelar


Q. Guys, obviously you pushed it to the brink. You pushed it to a playoff.
JOHN COOK: Yeah. We had our chances. We really did. We battled all day and made some pretty key birdies. Made a nice par on 18 the first go-around, and really don't know what happened on that first playoff hole. The best putts I hit all week didn't go in.
But you know what, 18's a tough hole and we just didn't hit enough quality shots on that hole to keep going.

Q. Joey, talk about going birdie, birdie on 16 and 17 to get right in the mix.
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, that was the thing. I'm kind of disappointed that the folks on 18 saw what they saw. The four of us, it was really quite a day out there from anybody's perspective. There were putts going in from all over the place that were good golf shots, and then this last 18th hole seemed to chew us all apart, but you know what, we gave it a good whirl and it was a riot.

Q. You gotta be pleased with your all's performance overall for the whole week.
JOHN COOK: Yeah. Very much so. I played pretty well all week, and Joey played really well today.
JOEY SINDELAR: Much better today.
JOHN COOK: He made some great key birdies. The birdie at 16 was outstanding, right when we needed it, and yeah, it was a good week. You know, you lose in a playoff, it's always a little bit bitter sweet, but you know, hat's off to Pricey and Mo for Mo's first win out here. You know, I'm kind of -- like I said, I'm happy and I'm sad, but you know, we gave it a good run.

Q. Thanks, guys. John, about how long was that?
JOHN COOK: About five feet.

Q. Did you push it?
JOHN COOK: I looked up and it was going right in the middle of the hole and it missed. I -- I have to see it on tape, because it missed on the left edge, and I played it left edge. It was -- I mean I looked up and it was going right in the middle, and it just zipped off to the left somehow after seeing Joey's putt bang on the right real hard and then Nick's putt basically from the same area bang hard to the right as well.
I don't know. That's a mystery to me. I'll be the first to tell you if I pulled it, pushed it, gimped it or whatever, but I had a good putt.

Q. Those are two guys you don't want to give a second chance to.
JOHN COOK: No. No. Hall-of-Famer. That's what they do. They're good clutch, clutch shots when they need to, and hey, we'll give it a go next week.

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