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March 9, 2002

Rod Pampling


Q. One birdie on the front and then four on the back. What got you going on the back side?

ROD PAMPLING: I've been playing great all day, both days. Just haven't really been making any. Hit a good shot on 11 on the par 3 to make birdie, and then rolled in a real nice one on 12.

And then just played solid coming in, birdied the holes I had to birdie, and got lucky with a nice chip-in on 17, as well.

Q. You played 17 and a half holes today, basically.


Q. Does that affect your game at all? Is it nice to say you've basically played 18 instead of having to play 6 or 9 or 12?

ROD PAMPLING: We all knew what we had to deal with. Just one of those weeks where the weather plays a big part, and you just have to deal with what you get.

We're just looking forward to having another start at 3:30 this afternoon. So, get as many holes in as we can and then on to Sunday.

Q. Overall, two rounds of 67; what's been the key so far?

ROD PAMPLING: Just been driving it really straight. Just leaving myself basic irons into the greens and just not trying to do anything special out there. Just hit fairways. It's a golf course that if you drive it well, you can score well, and that's what we've been doing.

Q. For those writers and fans that don't know a lot about your game, how would you characterize your game, as far as your strengths?

ROD PAMPLING: I think obviously driving is a strong point now. At the moment, it's pretty much all over. Driving solid, hitting my irons solid and my short game is good. So at the moment, it's all pretty good. Just an overall good, solid game, I suppose.

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