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April 23, 2010

Robert Rock


Q. What time did you have to set your alarm this morning?
ROBERT ROCK: 5:00. I'm not really happy saying four.

Q. As it was, you had just a couple of holes to wrap up, and you wrapped it up nicely.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it was much harder this morning. It was windy and really cold and the holes we just finished would have played a lot easier.

Q. What was that situation last night?
ROBERT ROCK: I wanted to hit the tee shot on the 7th, because I figured hitting into the wind this morning, it was downwind, but 8 was playing really, that, would have been a wedge last night and it was a driver, 5-iron. And 9 more than reachable, didn't have a chance to reach it. But I picked early.

Q. You're in fine position on the leaderboard.
ROBERT ROCK: I haven't played well recently and the first round seems to be quite a big deal for me.

Q. And you've got this strange situation now where you might not even hit another ball today?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, could be Saturday. We might play a few holes at 5:00 tonight, hope not. Don't really fancy that but looking forward to going back to bed.

Q. What did you do --
ROBERT ROCK: Yesterday?

Q. Did you relax?
ROBERT ROCK: A little bit. You have to be almost ready, but an early start yesterday and so possibly the same again tomorrow, but together --

Q. It's hard to keep your concentration and focus.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it is, but the guys have a tough day, they have to play to play 36 holes, it's really way harder than yesterday, so we got a really good touch with the draw. But it happens, bad draws.

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