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April 23, 2010

Robert-Jan Derksen


ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: It is, it's a very long day, just had a quick brekky and lunch and that was about it. It was good, to be honest, it looked a little bit like last year, there was a lot of shots where I remembered from last year, it was very windy and wasn't as cold but I think, yeah, this morning I hit a bad second shot on 11, came up way short and that sort of like woke me up, like, yeah, the wind is strong here and from that point on I played actually quite well. I adjusted to the wind really well.
Waited for my chances. Putting was solid and I didn't miss many greens actually, so in the end it was a good day.

Q. Standing now, the sun is beautiful and it's very warm, but out there it was atrocious at times.
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: It is, I can't remember which hole it was, but it's getting better now, and it should be easier and you come to a new point or tee or whatever and it's not.
The thing is it's windy but also quite cold even though the sun is shining and that makes the ball not travel very far. Plays long and it was tough.

Q. So you have to be satisfied with 5-under given these conditions. Let me ask you how it's likely to stand up. I know it's always a guessing game but we have got another round two tomorrow?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: You have to wait till tomorrow but I think it's not really fair. We had a difficult side of the draw so far. On the other hand, I understand it's 54 holes -- the thing is, out there, you can only your best and that's what I did. I'm really happy with what I scored. If that's Top-5, if that's Top-25, it's difficult to say. I did my best and that's all, like I say.

Q. What do you make of a 54-hole tournament?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: I would have loved if they had it last year 54, because then I would have won. I think it's a pity. I understand their position because the sponsors want to finish it by Sunday at four o'clock, I believe. I think there's enough daylight to get in 72. I think it would be fair if the guys who finished yesterday would have gone out again today same as we had yesterday, we played only one hole or two holes, some guys just a bit more. I think that would be fair.
But of course the sponsors are important, the media is important, so these decisions have to be made. What I understand of John, he said that they are not starting today because they need some golf for the TV tomorrow, which is fair. I mean, the sponsors are paying our tournament, but it's not always fair for us. But who am I; it's 54 and really low on Sunday and who knows.

Q. You are the man that dominated this tournament in atrocious conditions last year, you get another chance?
ROBERT-JAN DERKSEN: Yeah, hopefully it's going to be as rough as last year, the Saturday and the Sunday.

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