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April 23, 2010

Mark O'Meara

Nick Price


DAVE SENKO: Well, Mark and Nick, thanks for joining us. 10-under 62, maybe just quick rundown on each of your days, and then we'll get your birdies and get some questions. Mark?
MARK O'MEARA: Well, I mean we got off to a good start today. I think the key was that both of us drove the ball pretty well, reasonably well. We were at most all the holes together, but birdieing the first two is a nice way to get it going, and then Nick holed a beautiful bunker shot on the fourth hole, the par-5 for eagle, which was a tremendous shot, and then we birdied the next hole, so we were 5-under after five.
Then we kind of went through a little lull where we didn't get it probably close enough to a hole really and we didn't really make any birdies from 5 all the way to 11, so that was kind of a little bit frustrating. And then Nick hit a good bunker shot at 11, made a birdie and then we kind of had a chance at 12, and then Nick hit two good shots at 13 and made birdie.
Birdied 14. What else did you do?
NICK PRICE: And that bonus, the longest putt we made today was on 16.
MARK O'MEARA: And I wasn't feeling that great on the Back 9, and he kind of held me up, which was nice. And there was a couple of times where we had to make a couple of par-saving putts, which were very important. And perfect example was 18, but we're pleased at 10-under, and hopefully we can continue the good vibes that were going out there.
NICK PRICE: Yeah. Not really that much else to add to that. I just was a little frustrated through that lean patch where we couldn't make a birdie. When you get off to a good start like that, you really want to take advantage of it. But I think the finish today was really good for us, birdieing 16 and 17, and then Mark holed a really good putt for par on 18, which was playing really hard today, was a difficult hole into the wind. So all in all I think we both contributed the same amount, which always makes both of you feel good.
DAVE SENKO: Nick, how long was that bunker shot at 4?
NICK PRICE: Probably about 30 yards.
MARK O'MEARA: It was pure. I gotta admit. It wasn't an easy shot. He had an up slope. It came out perfect.
DAVE SENKO: 11, the par-5?
NICK PRICE: I was in the bunker just short. I had a short one, probably --
MARK O'MEARA: 25 feet.
NICK PRICE: Yeah, 30 feet, bunker shot came in.
DAVE SENKO: And how far -- did you say --
MARK O'MEARA: He hit it about a foot and a half there. He didn't hole it, but he got it close.
DAVE SENKO: And then how about 13?
NICK PRICE: 13, the par-5, I was just over the back in two and chipped a little strong about five feet by, and I holed a really good putt coming down the hill.
NICK PRICE: 14 was about six feet as well?
MARK O'MEARA: Yeah, six feet.
NICK PRICE: And then the one on 16 was probably about 35 feet, and Mark hit a beautiful 3-iron to 17 to about six, seven feet as well.
DAVE SENKO: And how far was your putt on 18?
MARK O'MEARA: We both hit over the back edge. Nick chipped strong, and then I kind of chipped a little bit weak, and I don't know, maybe Nick's putt was about 10 feet or 12 feet, and mine was about 10 feet. So that was a big putt.
You know, you never want to give up a shot. It's hard enough to make shots out there with bogeys. You just don't want to give one back, and hopefully tomorrow we'll do a better job of that and I'll feel a little bit better and hit some better iron shots out there because I kind of lost my concentration a little bit on a couple of shots, and golf's a fickle game. You gotta stand up there and believe and hit the shot.
So the golf course is playing -- you know, I'd say it's playing a little bit longer because the over-seeds are a little heavy out there, but the greens are firmer because they didn't over-seed them and they're a little grainier, so it's a little harder to get the ball close to the hole, wouldn't you say, Nick? You gotta be pretty accurate. And the wind really didn't blow that hard till the last four or five holes and it picked up a little bit out there.
DAVE SENKO: Questions here.

Q. You guys were playing with Ken today, and it seemed like everybody's trying to be really encouraging. He said he was happy with the way he played. What was it like to be out there with him?
NICK PRICE: Well, you know, I think, to be honest, and he'll probably admit it, he was a little apprehensive the front nine. First four or five holes I think he felt a little nervous, and certainly looked like it. But we were pulling hard for him, and to see the way he played the Back 9, he hit a beautiful second shot on the ninth hole up there about 15, 20 feet, and I think that settled him there because the Back 9 he really played beautifully. I think he was probably 2 or 3-under on his own ball with the exception of maybe one hole, 13 he bogeyed. But other than that --
MARK O'MEARA: Probably shot 1 or 2-under on the back.
NICK PRICE: He probably shot 1 or 2-under on the back, which I think is outstanding. He hit some beautiful iron shots. So it's fun to see -- you know, our heart goes out to him obviously. We're just happy to see him back out playing.
MARK O'MEARA: You know, he's been through so much. You know, when you think of June wasn't that long ago when the accident happened, and for him to come back the way he has eight, nine months' time is very impressive. I just don't know anybody that could have done basically what Ken's doing right now. It's very impressive.
NICK PRICE: It takes a lot of heart to do what he's done.
MARK O'MEARA: Big time.

Q. That stretch there where you all slowed down a bit, in an event like this do you feel like the field is catching up when you're doing that?
MARK O'MEARA: No. We dropped the ball reasonably well when we were in play. Just a couple of times like on 10, for example, we both hit fairly decent drives but we didn't end up in the fairway, so we couldn't really put spin on the balls, never got the ball close enough to the hole to give ourselves real good birdie opportunities.
10-under is a very good score at best ball. It really is. So we're not going to gripe about it. We just wish we could have kept the flow going. Fortunately Nick got on a roll on the Back 9 where he polished three birdies four out of five holes which kept us in the game for sure.
But I like to lean on him like that because I know he can do it. So it wasn't too bad. It's just like when I used to play with Tiger. I'd say, okay, it's your turn. I'm running a little short now. It's time for you to step up. So he knew I was struggling a little bit, so time to find a restroom.
The only problem is you haven't won 72 tournaments on the PGA TOUR. You've had a very nice career, though. You're in the Hall of Fame. He's not.
DAVE SENKO: Thanks, you guys.

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