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April 23, 2010

John Cook

Joey Sindelar


DAVE SENKO: Well, Joey and John, good start. Gotta be pleased with a 10-under. Maybe just, Joey, get us started. Just talk a little bit about your day and then, John --
JOEY SINDELAR: Well, as I said up top, the key to this, and John knows this. I said it already two years prior. The key to this event is picking a great partner, and I have done so very well.
For a guy like me who's always been a bomber, there is nothing more fun than having a partner who stands up and hits it down every fairway and just takes the pressure off.
I'm going to say John probably had an A to A-plus day today. He had lots of birdies. I was a little out of round. I'm going to call mine in the B to B-minus range, but luckily the good parts of my B-minus fit what he left out of his A-plus. And that's what happens when you have success in an event like this. So we ham-and-egged or hem-and-hawed or whatever you want to call it. But we got it done just right. The pieces fit, so we're happy with it.
JOHN COOK: We've teamed well the last couple of years. We've known each other a long time, from way back in the college days. I played well, made some birdies. We left a few out there on two through six, but other than that -- the key was we had two putts at it all the time, and we teamed well.
I made seven birdies, and Joey was there when I wasn't making birdies, and he birdied No. 18, which that's a skin. So we teamed well, which we have in the last couple years.
You know, he says it's nice playing with someone that doesn't miss many shots. Well, it's nice for me to get up and kind of free-wheel it a little bit to where I know he's so good that I can take maybe a little more different lines than I normally do as well, so I can play a little bit more aggressively and hit putts a little bit more aggressively. And that's kind of been my problem my three years on this Tour is I haven't been a very aggressive putter, and today I got to free-wheel it a little bit. And I think when you got two guys in there, you know you're going to make -- the worse you're going to make really is pars, but that frees it up a little bit.
DAVE SENKO: Take us through those just 11 through 15. Who made the birdies starting at 11.
JOEY SINDELAR: Go ahead, John.
JOHN COOK: Joey two-putted 11 and from long range, 50 at least, 50 feet. He almost made it, hit a great putt. I birdied 12 with about a 45-footer, toward the ringer, went around the hole and decided it was going to go in.
Then I birdied 13. I hit a nice bunker shot, about four feet. I birdied 14, hit a nice pitch in there about six feet. Then I birdied 15, made about a 15-footer, nice putt. And then Joey made a nice -- I had a putt for par on 16, but Joey made a nice about 5-footer and then after I skanked one on 17 -- I don't quite know what I was thinking there -- Joey made a nice two-putt from about 50 feet, and then hit one of the prettiest 5-irons you've ever seen on 18 in there about two feet.
JOHN COOK: Joey did, yeah. Just a shot of the day. That was just a moon ball up there. It was a really good shot.
DAVE SENKO: Questions? Harry?

Q. You guys are asked this a lot. I suppose the obvious question, which is impossible to answer, but can you keep this going?
JOHN COOK: No reason not to. Like I said, you get two shots every hole. I think we've been saving things the last couple weeks. I played horribly at Cap Cana and not much better last week after a pretty decent start to the year, so I was scolding myself on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at home, and I had a friend of mine scolding me as well. So I worked pretty hard on my game while he was working hard on his game and kind of found a couple little things. So I feel good about where I'm progressing to where I had been playing the last few years.
There's really no reason not to. Joey's getting stronger. You can tell. You can certainly see it in his game. You know, after his battles early in the year, he's starting to get some strength back, and you know, you go out and relax. And like I said, you get two shots at it, so you free it up a little bit, a little bit more than you normally would.
JOEY SINDELAR: Might I say, you know, you gotta watch out here. It's easy -- John birdied 1, and we thought, oh, boy, and then we had nice birdie putts for the next hour and didn't get any of them, and all of a sudden you're only 1-under playing No. 7 and you know everybody just flew by you, and you have to watch not to get in that trap because it does; it ebbs and flows.
John then made a 15-footer on No. 7, and followed it with a 15, 18-footer on 8, and then I finally showed up for my tee time on No. 9; and you know, it gets like that out there. So you have to watch not to get your chin down in this thing, because if you start thinking bad, it's not going to happen.
JOHN COOK: Yeah, it wasn't like we were hitting it bad. Just nothing was going in. So you just gotta stay patient.

Q. More of the time I was out there, I saw the crowd seemed to be moving around with, of course, Freddie and that crowd.
JOHN COOK: Sure. We're going to go back out and follow them, too.

Q. What about the competition? This is gets a little harder every year I guess with the youngsters coming up.
JOHN COOK: I mean if you can't get excited about this tour right now, I mean you really -- you're not a golf fan, and that's -- you know, we're fortunate that Fred's chosen to play some events out here. Tom Watson's playing some more. We've got a great crew coming out.
You know, our crew in '07 and '08 was real great. You know, it just keeps getting that way, and golf fans like this. And it's great to have Fred participating and playing and committing as much time as he can to this tour. And he'll tell you the competition out here is very good and the golf is very good. These guys haven't lost any skills. So I think you're in for a good couple -- good weekend.
JOEY SINDELAR: I think John and I have had a what, a 27 and 26-under. We hadn't won anything here.
JOHN COOK: We haven't won yet.

Q. Speaking of that, it looks like the scores may be fairly similar today to what they've been. But they were talking about the setup being a little more difficult, maybe the greens being a little faster because it's been so warm and dry the last couple days. What have you seen out there?
JOEY SINDELAR: No doubt. If the winds -- the wind was funny. It was down and then it was up. And a couple of times I thought once it built, okay, it was here for the day and then it's going to make things hard, but then it backed down. If the thunderstorms are in the forecast and the winds that precede those storms kick up, if it got a steady 20, 25, if you got a windy day, as firm as these greens are, I think it'll change things because there's enough trouble around, you can get standing on your head and it's not pure offense like it would be on a day like today.
You know, it's funny, you play a fairly benign course where you're on full fifth gearing going, and then all of a sudden you play 16, 17, 18 into the wind, I mean I creamed a drive off 18 and had to hit a 5-iron in. That's -- it's funny how the course changes there at the end, and if the wind gets up, it'll magnify that even more, so it'll depend on the elements, but the scores will be good. They're good every week.

Q. I'm not sure this is a question or observation, but your scorecard kind of was contrary to everybody else's. Everybody got off to a fast start, slowed down in the middle of the round and then picked up some strokes later whereas you kind of turned it on in the middle of the round.
JOHN COOK: We had chances two through six and we could have easily birdied every one of those holes as well. We just didn't get it in.
It's just a patient game this week. It's a week of runs. You're going to have some four and five-hole par runs, and you're going to have some four and five-hole birdie runs, and hopefully you have more birdie runs than par runs and you're okay.
JOEY SINDELAR: John and I have not been fast starters.
JOHN COOK: No. I don't think we've ever been more than 2 or 3-under through seven or eight holes.
JOEY SINDELAR: I can remember Slu and Stads played so well, starting off birdie, birdie, par, eagle and it's like they whooped us by three already through four holes. But somehow we do well in that stretch starting over there on 7, we've been pretty solid. But it's a small sample. I'm sure it'll go all over the place by the time we're done.
DAVE SENKO: Guys okay? Okay. Thank you.

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