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April 23, 2010

Sandy Lyle

Peter Senior


DAVE SENKO: Peter and Sandy, looks like you had two bogeys, and, let's see, ten birdies. Maybe just some quick thoughts on your round and how you played.
SANDY LYLE: This is my third time now, Peter's first time. I know in the back of my mind you have to come out and shoot very quickly, and we did. I got the putter working early on, and Peter came in just at the right time when I was sagging a bit.
Unfortunately, those two bogey holes were just slightly annoying. The last hole was always an interesting hole, and I ended up going over the back of the green. Had a reasonable chip to about six feet and didn't make the putt.
And then the pother hole, what was it, the 5th, 6th?
PETER SENIOR: Sixth, yeah.
SANDY LYLE: That's always been a nasty hole. I just went off the back of the green with my second shot, and then I had a virtually impossible chip shot, even though I had plenty of green, but the speed -- I got to down to about ten feet and it horseshoed out.
So those were the only two holes that kind of marred the whole day. It was almost a perfect day other than those two.
PETER SENIOR: I'm just happy to be playing in the event. I was the last one in the tournament. As I said outside, it's really great to have Sandy as a partner. You know, he got off to a very hot start on the first half a dozen holes.
I didn't play too well the front side, but managed to pop in a few birdies on the backside to help out.
SANDY LYLE: You're the first person that's actually seen a volcano. (Laughter.)
PETER SENIOR: We were actually joking last week, if Woozy couldn't get over, here's my number and give me a ring. It's funny how it works out. They put me with Sandy anyway, so it was good.
DAVE SENKO: Have you guys ever played together before, Europe or...
SANDY LYLE: Never actually in team event.
DAVE SENKO: Okay. Could we go through the birdies? Do you remember who made the first birdie at No. 1?
SANDY LYLE: I made the first birdie. 20 feet, was it?
DAVE SENKO: Okay. Then No. 4 and 5, the par-5s.
PETER SENIOR: No.4 was about 15 feet for Sandy.
SANDY LYLE: 20 feet the next one.
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, 20 feet. Nice curly one.
DAVE SENKO: That's Sandy?
PETER SENIOR: Yeah. And then I didn't bother playing the 5th.
SANDY LYLE: Yeah, that 6th hole we made bogey on, that was -- Peter was off the tee to the right. (Indiscernible) I was expecting a shot way right into the jungle, so it was left to me. Missed the green in the right spot, but didn't make the birdie, didn't make the par in the end.
DAVE SENKO: And then 7, par-5?
SANDY LYLE: That was Peter.
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, made about a 6-footer for birdie.
SANDY LYLE: I holed one at the next Par-3 from just off the back of the green. Only like a foot off the back.
PETER SENIOR: Yeah. And then on No. 10 I holed it from about six or seven feet.
DAVE SENKO: Okay. And then 14?
PETER SENIOR: 14 I holed it from about three feet, and then I had about a 15-footer down the hill on the next one, on the par-3.
And then of course the bogey at 17. Sandy hit a good shot into 17 to about 12, 15 feet behind and hit a good putt there.
DAVE SENKO: What did you hit on 17, Sandy?
SANDY LYLE: 5-iron behind the pin about 12 feet or something.
DAVE SENKO: Okay. Questions?

Q. You said you were the last one in the tournament. Is it because you got a phone call late?
PETER SENIOR: Tuesday morning I got the phone call. Olin Browne was the first one. He took Des Smyth's place, and then I was the next one in line. I took Ian Woosnam's place.
DAVE SENKO: Both those guys were volcano...

Q. You see someone withdraw because of ankle or a back, you don't see volcano. How did you arrange that?
PETER SENIOR: No, it's pretty unusual. I was praying pretty hard. No, it worked out really good. As I said, I'm really happy to be here.

Q. I still don't understand how you wound up being teammates then.
PETER SENIOR: Well, I took -- Ian Woosnam was playing with Sandy, and I took his place because of the volcano. I was the next one on the list.

Q. Peter, where were you so that you were available? Were you in the States or overseas?
PETER SENIOR: No, I was in Orlando. They gave me actually a call on Monday night saying that they hadn't heard from Ian Woosnam's agent.
About 8:00 in the morning on Tuesday they rang me and said, Listen, you're in.

Q. I think you have a tough act to follow, because I've heard these guys on conference call, Ian and Sandy, and they're hilarious. How are you gonna keep up with that?
PETER SENIOR: Yeah, we're pretty much in the same role. Australians are always trying to take the Micky out of on another.

Q. You're gonna be the tall guy and you're gonna be the not-as-tall guy?
PETER SENIOR: Well, no, I'm the short guy; he's the long guy.

Q. It's still early in the day, but was there an advantage not being in heat of day for the whole round? It was still hot, I guess, the whole time.
SANDY LYLE: No, I think the weather made a big difference. The only thing is the wind's just started to come up a bit. We dodged the wind for quite a few holes.

Q. Do you perceive what kind of numbers will have to be put up to keep up with lead group? You guys are right there now. What's it gonna take?
SANDY LYLE: I wouldn't be surprise that maybe Couples might -- could be one off maybe by the end of the day. I think probably Couples, I think he's like seven or eight right now, now and he's still got three or four holes in the hand. I wouldn't be surprised if they maybe creep up to nine before the end of the day.
The 18th is tricky right now. It's into the wind and a reasonably long second shot. It's dry in places. If you just miss the fairway, I won't say it's impossible, but it's pretty hard to get on the ball on the green.
We both missed the fairway on 18. I thought actually Peter's was a very good drive, but you finished, what about a foot in lie. (Indiscernible) and with the heavy stuff, with the angle coming in from 200 odd yards, it's a nice angle.
I was in the best playing and probably a reasonably good lie, but my ball came out way too quick than I wanted it to. I was looking for a little uppercut kind of floater in there, but I got the low, sneaky, going like a bat out of hell.
Must have gone nearly 220 yards and stopped rolling.

Q. Was there a shot of the day that you saw between the two of you and the people were playing with?
PETER SENIOR: We didn't really have any highlights. You know, no shot that really stood out amongst any of the others. It was just a round put together.
DAVE SENKO: Thank you, guys.

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